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UEFA Grant Mauricio Pochettino's Request To Have Substitutes In Champions League Squad Photo

UEFA Grant Mauricio Pochettino's Request To Have Substitutes In Champions League Squad Photo

UEFA have released a statement confirming they are adhering to Mauricio Pochettino's special request to have substitutes in the pre-Champions League final squad photo.

It's tradition for teams to pose for a photo prior to kick-off in Champions League games but Pochettino asked for a change for this year's final - he wanted his substitutes to be involved because of their contributions in helping Spurs reach the final.


Speaking in his press conference on Friday, Pochettino said: "I proposed a few weeks ago that the whole squad had a picture all together. I think UEFA listened when I told you, and I think that tomorrow, both teams will have the possibility for the whole squad to be on the pitch before the game and to take a picture."


UEFA have indeed listened to the Argentine and tweaked their standard protocol so that there will be two squad photo opportunities for both sides later on this evening.

"We would ask you to take note that a new team photo protocol will be implemented in the pre-match build-up to the 2019 UEFA Champions League final in Madrid," UEFA said in a statement.

"After the teams' line-up and handshake with the referees, two team photo opportunities will be offered - the first one with the players in the starting line-up, and the second one with all of the substitute players joining the players in the starting line-up on the pitch.

"Photographers are permitted to gather on the appropriate touchline for the line-up ceremony and team photos."

A really top gesture from Pochettino, an excellent man manager who wants to make every player feel important.

The other interesting move regarding the final is that Liverpool will be based in the home dressing room despite being the 'away' team for the fixture.

It's been done due to security reasons and the positioning of both sets of set supporters, meaning Jurgen Klopp's side will get the plusher facilities.

Fans, Spanish police and the people of Madrid were consulted before making the switch, as per stadium manager Fernando Fariza.

"Before we took our decision, we made an evaluation between the away fans, the Spanish police and the city of Madrid," he told Sky Sports.

"We took into account the number of fans of both of the finalist, the metro lines and the fan meeting points in the city.

"Taking into account all these issues, the final decision was that Liverpool fans should arrive at the south stand and they will have all their tickets in the south stand.

"On the other hand, Tottenham supporters will arrive at the north stand and they will have all their tickets in the north stand."

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