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Reddit Thread Goes Viral As Fans Share The Most Likely Football Conspiracy Theories

Reddit Thread Goes Viral As Fans Share The Most Likely Football Conspiracy Theories

Who doesn't love a conspiracy...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Fans have been sharing their most interesting football conspiracy theories on a Reddit thread.

There are a whole smorgasbord over the years and after user 'Gibry456' kicked off a discussion over on the r/soccer subreddit, we have plenty of new ones delve into.

One user believes that every player who a long term mysterious injury has actually failed a drugs test and they reckon the drug testing authorities are not obliged to publicise results so it is all kept under wraps.

He linked it to boxing, claiming that when a boxer tests positive, he fades into the background "for like 10 months" without the public having a clue.

Interestingly, one fan speculated that the chef at The Marriott hotel was an Arsenal fan and he purposely contaminated the lasagna served to the Tottenham players ahead of the final day of the 2006.

Half of Martin Jol's Spurs' team were ill for the game against West Ham at Upton Park and subsequently lost 2-1, leading to Arsenal finishing in fourth and claiming the final Champions League spot at the expense of their North London rivals.

Image: PA
Image: PA

The thread then featured people speculated on certain games being matched fixed and Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane actually having "long lushes of hair".

Someone also made a not-so-genuine claim that Raheem Sterling's "goal" against Italy at the 2014 World Cup actually went in, while another thinks The FA are getting referees to misuse VAR so that the technology is not present next season.

Moreover, there is another theory that big teams will lose on purpose to go home early at the World Cup on the promise that they will be able to host the tournament in the coming years.

And lastly one of the very best ones is simply someone stating that West Ham midfielder Carlos Sanchez being a professional footballer is the biggest conspiracy of them all.

Check out the thread in full here:

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