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The Top 20 Penalty Takers On FIFA 20 Revealed

The Top 20 Penalty Takers On FIFA 20 Revealed

Fenerbahce striker Max Kruse is officially the best penalty taker on FIFA 20.

The German, who is 83-rated on this year's game, has scored 21 out of 23 penalties in his career and EA Sports have paid attention to his impressive record by giving him a 92 for penalties - more than any other player.


On 91 is Mario Balotelli (37/42 record), Luka Milivojevic (19/22 record), Fabinho (19/20 record) and Sebastien Haller (23/24 record), with household names such as Neymar, Harry Kane, Marco Reus and Raul Jimenez all rated 90 for the penalty-taking abilities.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic finds himself in 15th place on 89, with James Milner, David Villa, Mark Noble and Leighton Baines all on 88 after proving their worth from the spot over the years.

Here is the list in full:

1. Max Kruse - 92 rating
2. Mario Balotelli - 91 rating
= Luka Milivojevic - 91 rating
= Fabinho - 91 rating
= Sebastien Haller - 91 rating
6. Neymar - 90 rating
= Harry Kane - 90 rating
= Marco Reus - 90 rating
= Raul Jimenez - 90 rating
= Andrej Kramarić - 90 rating
= Bas Dost - 90 rating
= Diego Perotti - 90 rating
= Cristhian Stuani - 90 rating
= Ryad Boudebouz = 90 rating
15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 89 rating
= Alfreð Finnbogason - 89 rating
17. James Milner - 88 rating
= David Villa - 88 rating
= Mark Noble - 88 rating
= Leighton Baines - 88 rating

Both free-kicks and penalties have been given a monumental overhaul in FIFA 20. While the movement of the camera was key to taking set-pieces on FIFA 19, FIFA 20 comprises of an aiming mechanic - inspired by Lionel Messi, who is the best free-kick taker on the game.

You can perform top spin, side-spin or even a knuckleball free-kick if you fancy channelling your inner Cristiano Ronaldo.

The same can be said for penalties, where there is a bigger target available to use so that spot-kicks are much more precise and accurate.

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