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The 25 Deadly FIFA Ultimate Team Cards The Streets Will Never Forget

The 25 Deadly FIFA Ultimate Team Cards The Streets Will Never Forget

Back in 2008, EA Sports changed the game completely when they introduced the 'Ultimate Team' mode, where fans could earn coins through playing games and ultimately use it to assemble your dream side, with the help of buying, selling and trading.

'FUT' has since becoming the most popular mode amongst the FIFA community but at the same time it's caused millions of controllers to be broken.

Several overpowered cards are responsible for the endless rage-quitting and remote-bashing and here we pick out 25 that will never, ever forgotten.


Nilmar (FIFA 12):

The first of many Brazilians on this list. An absolute treat of a card.


Naldo (FIFA 16):


An absolute FIFA Ultimate Legend. If you wanted a quick, strong and intelligent defender who could also wallop free-kicks in, Naldo was your man.

Marcio Azevedo (FIFA 12):

A silver Brazilian left-back with 89 pace and five-star skills? You absolutely love to see it.


Yassine Chikhaoui (FIFA 15):

Five-star skills and five-star weak foot. Name me a more iconic duo.


Jack Butland (FIFA 17):

He might find himself playing in the second tier these days but he was in the GOAT tier on FIFA 17. You could never score past him.

Jonathan Biabiany (FIFA 15):


His career has basically been him switching from Parma and Inter Milan but FIFA players will never forget that 96 pace.

Dede (FIFA 13):

Good luck getting past this fella. He eats strikers for breakfast.

David Luiz (FIFA 12):

The Arsenal defender is prone to an error in real life but he was easily the best defender on FIFA 12.

Alexander Esswein (FIFA 13):

One of the most overpowered players in the history of FIFA games. One long ball in behind the opposition backline and it was game over.

Emmanuel Emenike (FIFA 13):

His FIFA feats are genuinely better than his actual career. Never forget the sweatiness he produced.

Stephan El Shaarawy (FIFA 12):

A deadly five-star skiller. One of the greatest silver cards of all-time.

Fredy Guarin (FIFA 14):

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The Colombian was the complete midfielder back in the glory years of FIFA 14 and had to be in your team.

Antonio Di Natale (FIFA 10):

The Udinese legend posted a collage of all of his FIFA cards a few days back. This one was utter filth.

Felipe Santana (FIFA 13):

Yet another machine of a Brazilian centre-back. Him, Naldo and Dede in back three should have been illegal.

Victor Ibarbo (FIFA 14):

Only OGs will remember this legend of the game. Terrorised defenders left right and centre.

Hatem Ben Arfa (FIFA 12):

The definition of 'the streets will never forget'. There was nothing better than pulling off a five-star skill move and cutting in from the right with Ben Arfa.

Gabby Agbonlahor (FIFA 12):

If you wanted a relatively cheap, rapid striker to do the business up top in your Premier League team, look no further than this bagsman.

Marvell Wynne (FIFA 13):

One of the greatest FIFA cards of all-time, hands down. With a disgusting 96 pace, Marvell Wynne would easily outpace the fastest attackers

Maikon Leite (FIFA 12):

Another contender for one of the best ever silvers to play with. The perfect blend of pace and skill.

Ramires (FIFA 13):

That 88 pace for a midfielder was just next level. Completely ran the game.

John Carew (FIFA 10):

He's bigger than me and you, and back in the FIFA 10 days he was truly unstoppable.

Taye Taiwo (FIFA 12):

Whether he was at Marseille, AC Milan or QPR, you had to have this man marauding up and down the left flank.

Joseph Yobo (FIFA 10):

No-one apart from EA Sports thought he was that good but ten years ago Joseph Yobo was unbelievable on FIFA 10.

Welliton (FIFA 12):

You couldn't have a Brazilian XI without including the main man hims

elf. Goals galore.

Wallyson (FIFA 12):

We finish with some final Samba sweatiness. The man who once had a bizarre 48-rated bronze card was truly unplayable in attack.

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