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WATCH: Japanese High School's 'Dancing Wall' Free-Kick Routine Will Blow Your Mind

WATCH: Japanese High School's 'Dancing Wall' Free-Kick Routine Will Blow Your Mind


Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

From the swerve of Roberto Carlos to the bend of David Beckham, we've had the pleasure of witnessing some game-changing free-kicks in years gone by, but nothing comes close to this from East Fukuoka FC.

The Japanese High School have revolutionised the set-piece with a routine like no other.

It involves a second wall lining up in front of the opposition defence and a masterstroke of ducking in chorus. No, really.

Image result for East Fukuoka free kick
Image result for East Fukuoka free kick

Image: Best of Sport

Linked arm in arm, the three-player-wall slowly edge away from the ball, backing into the opposition defence.

Three steps later and seconds before the free-kick taker shoots, the East Fukuoka wall ducks in unison, confusing both defender and goalkeeper.

A stroke of Genius from the East Fukuoka lads.

From the audacious to the awful, back in July this year, Portugal produced one of the worst free-kick routines you've ever seen.

Prior to Silva's winning goal in extra time, Portugal experimented with a free-kick routine. The idea itself was quite promising. We can all applaud a team for trying something new from a set-piece and not lashing the ball into the box or having a shot.

But the end result for the European champions was a stark contrast to what they had probably envisioned on the training field.

It started off quite well, with William Carvalho and Ricardo Quaresma suckering the Mexico defenders in with deft dummies.

That was about as good as it got though, as Quaresma opted to play the ball back to his teammate, who when pressured by the opposition, panicked and passed the ball straight out of play for a throw-in.

Another free-kick routine surprised us this month, as Cristiano Ronaldo ditched the 'knuckleball' free-kick for a more conventional set-piece.

During Real Madrid's La Liga clash against Alaves towards the end of September, the 32-year-old fooled the opposition with a clever free-kick from outside the box, dinking it into Sergio Ramos.

The Spanish defender couldn't convert with his header, but many people ignored the fact that Ronaldo decided against his usual 'smashing it into the stands' routine.

Maybe the Los Blancos forward should try this more often?

Let us know your thoughts on the above free-kicks.

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