Spain Public TV Refused To Recognise Kosovo As Country, Wrote Their Name In Lower-Case Letters

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Spain Public TV Refused To Recognise  Kosovo As Country, Wrote Their Name In Lower-Case Letters

There was controversy last night as Kosovo's name was written in lower-case letters on TV and media due to Spain not recognising their independence.

Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 2008 and after a period playing only friendly games, the national team were accepted as UEFA and FIFA members in 2016.

The country made its debut in World Cup qualification in 2016 but five years on, Spain are still not accepting Kosovo as its own country.



Last night La Roja ran out 3-1 winners in Seville but the main talking point was the peak pettiness of Spain's national channel.

Whether it was on the scoreboard or on the line-up graphic, Kosovo were not given capital letters by broadcaster TVE.

"ESP" was used for Spain, while Kosovo only received "kos".



Prior to the Spanish football federation (RFEF) described their opponents as a "territory" and there was talk of Kosovo threatening to boycott the World Cup qualifier after reports stated their flag and national anthem would not be displayed in accordance with FIFA and UEFA rules.

The anthem was played and sung proudly by the Bernard Challandes' side but commentators did refer to the Balkan country as "team from the Kosovo federation.

A plethora of countries within the United Nations have accepted Kosovo, with 1.8 million occupants, as an independent country.


However, China, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Romania and Spain do not. Spain have held this stance since Kosovo declared independence in 2008, with their perspective linked to the situation involving Catalonia.

"The staging of the match between the teams from these two federations does not under any circumstances change Spain's position not to acknowledge Kosovo as a state," sources in Spain told AFP on Tuesday.

Kosovo were first drawn in Group A alongside Serbia in World Cup qualifying but switched to Group B as UEFA rules stipulate two countries involved in political dispute cannot be paired together.

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