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Sergio Aguero Forced To Mute 'Messi' On Twitch Live Stream

Sergio Aguero Forced To Mute 'Messi' On Twitch Live Stream

Sergio Aguero was forced to mute the words 'Messi', 'Leo' and 'GOAT' on his Twitch live stream last night.

The Manchester City striker is a regular streamer and has garnered nearly 2 million followers after setting up his channel.

He went live for the first time in a while last night, with 34,000 people tuning. Rather predictably, the chat and comment sections were bombarded with messages about his compatriot and "brother" Lionel Messi potentially joining him at the Etihad Stadium.


Everyone was looking for a bit of gossip from Aguero, who made an interesting decision to remove the '10' from his Instagram username as City try and pull off the biggest transfer in football history.

But the former Atletico Madrid man just wanted to play 'Fall Guys' with minimal fuss and so made the call to mute all words relating to his six-time Ballon d'Or-winning-teammate during his two hour broadcast.


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Sergio Aguero Chats To Lionel Messi For 10 Minutes Live On Twitch

Aguero has actually had the wantaway Barcelona captain and record goalscorer on a stream not too long ago, calling him live on a broadcast and chatting him on the phone.

The 10-minute chat started with Messi asking Aguero why he rang him at nine in the morning and the conversation turning to the City talisman's birthday (June 2) - which they would normally spend together on international duty.


The whole call was in Spanish but was roughly translated.

"What happened to you today that you phoned me at nine in the morning," Messi started the chat.

"I had to do the (COVID-19) test," Aguero answered.

"But why did you call me?" Messi asked for a second time.


"At nine in the morning? ... Me?" A confused Aguero replied to his friend and roommate.

"9 or 10 I don't know, over there. Yes, when I was going to take the test," Messi explained.

Aguero didn't really have a valid explanation for why he rang Messi, saying: "I don't know, it was to say good morning to you. It's just that I saw you on my phone and I said 'Hey, cool,' ... I was bored and well, it was 9 in the morning and I said I'm going to call ... What do I know?"

He then mentioned to the Barcelona legend that they won't be able to spend his 32nd birthday together next month and jokingly called him an "asshole" before asking him what Messi was getting him.

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