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Rio Ferdinand Responds To Jamie Carragher's Apology, Urges Liverpool To Apologise To Patrice Evra

Rio Ferdinand Responds To Jamie Carragher's Apology, Urges Liverpool To Apologise To Patrice Evra

Rio Ferdinand has urged Liverpool to apologise to Patrice Evra in response to Jamie Carragher's apology during Monday Night Football over the Luis Suarez racism row.

Carragher apologised to Evra and admitted Liverpool "got it massively wrong" as they supported Suarez after the striker was accused of racially abusing the ex-United left-back.


Ferdinand, who was on the pitch when Suarez snubbed Evra's handshake, has claimed Liverpool let themselves down the day they wore t-shirts in support of Suarez.

"Testament to Jamie Carragher for apologising, eight years after the incident," he said on BT Sport.

"But I think it is bigger than Jamie Carragher. It is the club.

"Liverpool let themselves down that day by wearing t-shirts in support of someone who had been accused of racist language.


"Eight years on and still the apology hasn't come from Liverpool. It is not a t-shirt that is going to change it, it is education."

The former United defender also weighed in on England's EURO 2020 qualifier against Bulgaria, which was sadly marred by racist abuse, and Haringey's abandoned cup tie with Yeovil Town.

"I think England's players handed it well. There is no absolute way to deal with it and the powers that be are struggling with the sanctions," he added.

"I am of the mindset: punish them on the pitch. But the way Haringey and Yeovil dealt with it, coming together and walking off, shows unity from the football world. That was a good sign."

On Monday, following Sheffield United's 1-0 victory over Arsenal, Carragher opened up about Liverpool's mistake regarding the club's support for Suarez.

"There is no doubt we made a massive mistake; that was obvious," he said on Sky Sports. "We got to the ground, had our lunch and then had a team meeting - I don't know if it was the manager [Kenny Dalglish] or [coach] Steve Clarke - asking one of the players if he was still wearing the shirt, and that is the first I had heard of it.

"I am not lying and saying I wasn't part of it because as the club we got it wrong, and I was vice-captain. I am not sure who was actually behind it. I don't think it had anything to do with the manager Kenny; I think it was the players who were close to Luis in the dressing room, who really wanted to support their mate.

"Maybe I have to look at myself now and say I did not have the courage as an individual to say 'I am not wearing it'. I don't think everyone within Liverpool Football Club thought what we were doing was right but I do think as a football club, or you as a family, your first reaction is to support them even if you know that they are wrong, and that is wrong.

"I am not condoning it, but that is the first reaction. Apologies. We got it massively wrong."

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