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Rhian Brewster Does His Best Paul Gascoigne Impression By Showing Referee Yellow Card

Rhian Brewster Does His Best Paul Gascoigne Impression By Showing Referee Yellow Card

The Swansea City man turned into an official for a brief minute...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Rhian Brewster channelled his inner Paul Gascoigne by jokingly showing the referee a yellow card in a hilarious moment yesterday.

In the 1-1 draw against Preston North End, which Brewster scored in, referee Geoff Eltringham dropped his yellow card on the turf late on.

Being a good samaritan, Brewster picked it up but couldn't resist having a bit of fun before returning it. He flamboyantly booked the official, who took it in very good spirits.

He then gave the Liverpool loanee a little tap to show his appreciation.

Fair play to Eltringham for displaying a sense of humour because not all referees have it in their locker - as Gascoigne famously found out many years ago.

Turning out for Rangers back in 1995, Gascoigne lived up to his reputation as one of football's biggest characters when referee Dougie Smith's yellow card was on the floor.

He decided to have a laugh and brandish the card but Smith was in no mood for having a laugh and showed he's absolutely no fun at parties by actually booking Gascoigne.

In what was surely a first in football, legendary Brazilian Kaka was shown a yellow card just so the referee could take a selfie with him during a charity game in October.

Incredibly, while the 2007 Ballon d'Or winner was dribbling in midfield with his side 3-2 up, the female referee blew the whistle and stopped the game for a moment.

Much to Kaka's confusion, the official then went to her pocket and booked him - before getting her phone out and asking for a selfie with the 37-year old - who was more than happy to oblige.

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