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Take A Look Inside Atlanta United's £1.38 Billion Stadium - It Will Blow Your Mind

Take A Look Inside Atlanta United's £1.38 Billion Stadium - It Will Blow Your Mind

Nothing in world football comes close to this.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

In the current world, with the advances of technology, we are seeing more and more modernised football stadiums.

It can be difficult to maintain a level of atmosphere that was present in older grounds, when clubs move into a shiny new arena, but it's all about developing the club and changing with the times.

Manchester City and Arsenal have both done it with the Etihad and Emirates Stadium and Tottenham are set to follow suit.

The designs for Serie A giants Roma's new stadium are a far cry from the old-fashioned Stadium Olimpico that they have shared with rivals Lazio for so many years.

And one of the most impressive arenas for football, and in my opinion the best in world football, lives in the U.S.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home of MLS franchise Atlanta United, who joined the Eastern Conference in 2017. The intentions for the stadium is for it to eventually replace the historic Georgia Dome.

The stadium also houses Atlanta's NFL team, the Falcons.

Just look at the tito from last night's game against the New York Red Bulls. Insane.

The first match in the stadium was a match with Orlando City on September 16th, before the Falcons held their first match their two days later against the Green Bay Packers.

It was a historic occasion.

The design includes an eight-panel retractable roof, with the circular opening said to be inspired by the Roman Pantheon.

Assembling such an incredible stadium doesn't come on the cheap though, with the overall cost believed to be in the $1.5 billion region. Just look at it though.

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An arena of this quality is expected to host a number of significant events in the near future and is already slated to host the Super Bowl LIII in 2019.

What do you think about the stadium?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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