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How Napoli's Stadium Announcer Hypes Up 60,000 Fans Every Home Game

How Napoli's Stadium Announcer Hypes Up 60,000 Fans Every Home Game


Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

"I cannot explain how great the emotion is when I am doing this. It is not a job but a passion" - Napoli's stadium announcer Daniele Bellini.

Bellini has become the soundtrack to the famous Stadio San Paolo in years gone by, famously screaming a player's name after he scores.

He doesn't just announce his name once, but several times. Sometimes the Italian even announces it nine times over as the Napoli crowd rattle off the surname of whoever bags.

The signature howl is now world famous, but many first heard Daniele's recognisable voice when his screams of 'GONZALO' went viral in 2013.

He has since screamed the names of plenty of Napoli players, including their little magician, Lorenzo Insigne, as you can see in the below clip.

Perhaps his most famous clip though is Higuain#s, a man who was arguably one of the most prolific strikers in world football at time and after scoring against Arsenal in the Champions League, the announcer bellowed at the top of his lungs in an incredible moment.

Thousands of fans screamed in unison "HIGUAIN' nine times over. What a moment.

Napoli announcer Bellini actually penned a letter to fans when Higuain left the club to join Juventus back in 2016:

"Today I have changed and fallen in love with Vale, who loves me back, and now we have almost two children (I say almost because little Lorenzo won't arrive until September).

"When I fell in love and that sentiment was not reciprocated, did I feel hurt? Yes. When the girl I loved ignored me, did I tell everyone that I was never interested in her anyway? That too.

"Why am I telling you this: because at times we fall in love (I was the first to do so) with someone or something that, quite simply, doesn't want to be loved."

"Maybe a nice evening together or a couple of seasons, but no love. Give and receive, they call them professionals.

"I cannot deny that I celebrated, almost cried, with joy (for example on the day of the record) and certainly cannot deny that what I hear and read doesn't disappoint me, but I've always said it: the strength of Napoli is in the fans.

"We have fallen and got back up many times. In our vocabulary we don't say 'work', we say 'struggle.' We are accustomed to suffering.

"Champions come and go, but the lads in the stands and the shirt, blue like the sky, will be there forever."

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