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Jamaican Students Rushed To Hospital After Being Struck By Lightning In Football Match

Jamaican Students Rushed To Hospital After Being Struck By Lightning In Football Match

Referee Karl Tyrell ended the clash between Wolmer's and Jamaica College after several players were affected by the lightning strike.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

A football match in Jamaica was called off after two players were horrifyingly struck by lighting and rushed to the hospital.

Wolmer's Boys' School were in action against Jamaica College in an ISSA/Digicel Manning Cup fixture at the Stadium East field.

And Wolmer's were leading 2-1 in the second half when the incident took place, with two Jamaica College players crumpling to the floor after being hit by lightning.

Loop News reports that only five minutes remained in the match, but referee Karl Tyrell was forced to end it as those on the touchline flocked onto the field to check on the injured students.

Jamaica College player Terrence Francis and Wolmer player Dwayne Allen were both rushed to University Hospital in West Indies for observation and treatment.

According to local reports, Francis was taken off the pitch on a stretcher after he didn't respond to on-field treatment.

Four Wolmer players, including Allen, were reportedly affected by the lightning strike.


And reports suggest that another of Francis' Jamaica College teammates was affected in the incident.

According to Jamaica Gleaner, one of the players "complained of chest pains" and was held overnight after the ISSA said tests were done and "ECG showed irregularities."

Footage from the incident has started to make the rounds on social media and stunned fans have shared their thoughts.

Instagram user shanea.johnson wrote: "I'm glad they didn't suffer any serious injury."

A second, omarihollabanz, posted: "That's crazy, hope they doing fine now."

And one fan, albegee, suggested: "Both players had the same reaction..... Prob struck the field and went through their metal studs and leaving through their head. Thank god it wasn't a direct hit. A 400 ft copper rod should be installed in every outdoor football field to deflect a lightning bolt to protect players and fans."

While user junior2uu added: "Wow this is sad but I'm happy that they responded instantly."

Featured Image Credit: Islandsportsnet

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