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Halesowen Town Come From 7-2 Down To Beat Nuneaton Borough 9-8

Halesowen Town Come From 7-2 Down To Beat Nuneaton Borough 9-8

Imagine scoring five goals and being on the losing team.

Spare a thought for Nuneaton Borough youth player Luis Corcoran.

His side were 7-2 up. SEVEN - TWO.


However, Nuneaton Borough failed to hold onto their advantage eventually losing to Halesowen Town 9-8 in a thrilling FA Youth Cup tie.

The hosts led 4-1 at the break with Corcoran bagging a first-half brace. He then netted three more goals in the second-half but his goal-scoring heroics were ultimately in vain.

That's because the visitors scored three dramatic goals in the space of 10 minutes including a 96th minute winner to complete an almighty comeback.


Halesowen Town's Emlyn Tudgay did the business deep, deep into stoppage time.


Here's how the 17-goal thriller went down:

1': Nuneaton Borough 1-0 Halesowen Town - (Corcoran)


4': Nuneaton Borough 1-1 Halesowen Town - (Danks)

7': Nuneaton Borough 2-1 Halesowen Town - (Jones)

22': Nuneaton Borough 3-1 Halesowen Town - (Wanjohi)

43': Nuneaton Borough 4-1 Halesowen Town - (Corcoran)


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HT: Nuneaton Borough 4-1 Halesowen Town

49': Nuneaton Borough 5-1 Halesowen Town - (Jones)

51': Nuneaton Borough 5-2 Halesowen Town - (Love)

52': Nuneaton Borough 6-2 Halesowen Town - (Corcoran)


57': Nuneaton Borough 7-2 Halesowen Town - (Corcoran)

62': Nuneaton Borough 7-3 Halesowen Town - (Danks)

70': Nuneaton Borough 7-4 Halesowen Town - (Griffiths)

70': Nuneaton Borough 7-5 Halesowen Town - (Mutasa)

80': Nuneaton Borough 7-6 Halesowen Town - (Danks)

83': Nuneaton Borough 8-6 Halesowen Town - (Corcoran)

86': Nuneaton Borough 8-7 Halesowen Town - (Beard)

92': Nuneaton Borough 8-8 Halesowen Town - (Tudgay)

96': Nuneaton Borough 8-9 Halesowen Town - (Tudgay)


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