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Gary Lineker Doesn't Hold Back After Pepe's Embarrassing Dive Against Morocco

Gary Lineker Doesn't Hold Back After Pepe's Embarrassing Dive Against Morocco

These two have got history.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

If you look back at Pepe's career, this controversial bloke tends to play act on a regular basis.

Actually, that might just be the understatement of the year after his antics against Morocco on Wednesday afternoon.

In one of the most ridiculous moments in World Cup history, never mind this week, Morocco defender Medhi Benatia literally tapped his back and Pepe, being the overdramatic person he is, dived like someone had literally broken his leg.

This is just embarrassing. Is this really necessary?

One person who isn't exactly the biggest fan of Pepe is Gary Lineker, who has been known to express his opinion on the former Real Madrid player in years gone by.

Especially during Los Blancos' Champions League run in 2016, when the Portuguese defender was, surprisingly, a massive nuisance.

Lineker took to Twitter to brandish Pepe a 'dick' during the final after he spent half the time rolling round like he'd been shot in order to get opposition players booked.

Two years later, Lineker has once again given his honest opinion of the Portugal defender after his dramatic diving antics caused outrage on social media, especially on Twitter.

"See Pepe is still a dick." he said.

Thoughts on Pepe's antics against Morocco on Wednesday? Did he deserve to be booked for his diving ways?

Let us know in the comments below.

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