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Nike Unveil New Premier League Ball For 2017/18 Season

Nike Unveil New Premier League Ball For 2017/18 Season

Introducing the Nike Ordem V

Joe Baiamonte

Joe Baiamonte

If there's one thing that all football fans can agree on, it's that reveals of new kits, boots, balls and players' haircuts is infintely more exciting than anything that happens during the never ending cycle of bollocks that is the summer transfer window.

So, in the spirit of big reveals, Nike have obliged us all with the unveiling of the official 2017/18 Premier League match ball.

The Nike Ordem V will apparently be the most extensively tested ball the American sportswear giants have ever developed. Presumably that means the lads in their Oregon headquarters have just been twatting it round the office as much as possible for the last two months while commenting on how much it 'moves through the air'. Sounds like a right laugh, to be fair.

The design and Premier League logos have been printed onto the ball with 3D ink that will flicker through the air, allowing players to see the ball quicker, apparently.

Aerotrac grooves in the surface will help to guide the ball through the air in as stable a manner as possible.

Anyway, I'm done pretending that any of that will actually make a difference to anything, next season. The updated design is very easy on the eye, though, which is obviously the most important aspect of any new ball release. Just don't go expecting the Ordem V to start transcending time and space when Paul Pogba leathers a 30-yarder towards goal, next season. It won't happen, no matter how many aerotrac grooves are in it's surface.

Nike Ball
Nike Ball

Images: Nike Football

The, frankly gorgeous Ordem V will mark Nike's 18th season as the official ball supplier of the Premier League.

(H/T Soccer Bible)

Featured Image Credit: Nike Football

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