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Neymar Is Unapologetic After Taking The P*ss Out Of Rennes Player

Neymar Is Unapologetic After Taking The P*ss Out Of Rennes Player

Neymar is absolutely loving taking the piss out of anyone who comes up against for PSG, and last night he showed no mercy to Rennes.

Unai Emery's side booked their place in the French League Cup final following a 3-2 win over from home last night and though Neymar wasn't among the goals, he made his presence felt.

Not only did he bust out some showboating by controlling the ball in his back, as if he was playing football on the Copacabana, but he also brutally trolled an opponent.


As seen in the second clip, the world's most expensive player extended his hand out to Rennes player Hamari Traore, as though he was going to help him up.

But just as Traore moved to accept his handshake and allow Neymar to bring him back to his feet, the Brazilian pulled his hand away.

Is a 'two footer' the best way to deal with Neymar?


The very unsportsmanlike gesture saw the 25-year old receive a yellow card for his antics but he played it down as a joke.

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"Football is a little boring right now because we can't do anything," he is quoted as saying by MARCA in the mixed zone.

"Everything is controversial. For example, I made a joke at the end by offering my hand and then pulling it away.


"It will cause controversy, when it's the kind of thing I do with my friends. Why can't I do it with opponents? It was a joke."

When asked about whether he was disrespecting the opposition by showboating, Neymar said he was merely provoking the opposition.

"They were stopping me with blows and I was playing football," he added.

"They provoked me, but I also know how to provoke, in my own way, with the ball and with my football.


"I'm not here to kick out, I don't know how to do that. I defend myself with the ball. It won't help if defenders provoke me because I will provoke even more."

Thoughts on how Neymar acted against Rennes?

Sound off in the comments.

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