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Mystery Married Premier League Manager Caught Sexting Another Woman

Mystery Married Premier League Manager Caught Sexting Another Woman

Oh dear, oh dear!

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

The problem with being a Premier League football manager, other than the fact that it's the easiest job in the world to lose your job other than being Leeds United manager, is that you're pretty famous. That means you can't go round sexting women and expect it not to come out at some point.

A report in The Sun, and they usually get this kind of thing spot on, says that a Premier League manager is about to be in a lot of trouble with the old ball and chain, his wife, because he's been sexting another woman and referred to his current situation as "The relationship is stable. Bit loveless. Bit sexless."

And the manager involved is threatening an injunction over the paper so his identity is currently a secret however he did ask for a photo of the woman as a reward for an away win so we can probably rule out anyone at *enter club name here*

"Anyway. I do have a request. Didn't really get a look at the rear elevation during the night out or brekkie so heels, stockings, bum in the air.

"Handy mirror positioned for flattering pic.

"For win only. Away from home so more difficult. So no knickers."

In another text conversation the manager revealed he was running a "boring" training session, so maybe we can rule in *enter club name here* after all, whilst also coming across as wonderfully misogynistic, bravo sir:

"Anyway, I'm at mill churning out a boring footie session for my boys. Was just about to text before your pic.

"Did cross my mind if sex is going to be a part of this first date scenario.

"A famous madame died yesterday and her advice to women was never have sex on the first date. Stupid cow. I'm pleased she's gone."

In these messages the boss uses a football analogy to joke about sex and talks about the room he's got booked for them, he's a really classy fella:

Inline Image
Inline Image

So with a gagging order currently in place we don't know who the Premier League manager is. But injunctions and gagging orders have had a bit of a history of not lasting too long, as a certain Manchester United assistant manager can attest to.

(Via: The Sun)

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