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Meet The Viral Sensation Who Told Kaka To 'Cut Back' In Seven-A-Side Game

Josh Lawless

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Meet The Viral Sensation Who Told Kaka To 'Cut Back' In Seven-A-Side Game

Kaka, a man who has won the Ballon d'Or, Champions League and the World Cup is carrying the ball on the hallowed astroturf at Haggerston School.

After surprising Reach Out FC by joining the Hackney-based outfit on a one-game loan deal through the adidas 'Rent-A-Pred' campaign, the Brazilian legend soon began to show his class in the seven-a-side game and promptly wallop one into the top bins.


Kaka's surprise appearance and fine finish subsequently led to the former Real Madrid and AC Milan star trending on Twitter on Saturday morning.


But while some of the focus was on the 37-year old showing he's still got it, all everyone was talking about was the teammate who can be heard shouting, 'Kaka, cut back' in the viral video.


The man of the moment is 24-year old Abdullahi Ali Aden. Fans could not believe the absolute audacity of a Sunday League player asking Kaka for the pass when he was dribbling with the ball, with many deeming it to be a perfect summary of the English Sunday League mentality.

Aden has now lifted the lid on just why he had the cheek to tell Kaka to pass the ball back to him.

Speaking to SPORTbible, he said: "There's ten minutes left, Kaka's on our team and we're losing Out of the blue he just decides to take it up four gears, not one or two but four gears.


"We're on a counter attack, I give him the ball and he glides with the ball majestically as he does. I thought I'd take a player or two out the game to give him a bit more space but I never thought 'Cut back' to the Ballon d'Or winner Kaka was going to cause such a stir.

"Really and truly, as much as I love him and the fact I spent hours watching him on a flatback computer aged 11, he's still a footballer and I am on his team. So if he doesn't have the best chance to score, I will let him know!

"'It wasn't like a 'Pass to me' - it was just me letting him know he was there but I can't believe the reception. I've had people simultaneously want my head on a stick and also let me know I've got a big pair!"

According to Aden, Kaka, having hung up his boots in 2017, took a "little bit of time" to get into the game and his side were losing after a poor first 15 minutes.


But when he decided to flick the switch, he started to roll back the years with two goals and two assists in a 4-2 win.

Image: Ali Aden
Image: Ali Aden

He added: "Our manager has a team talk and gives everyone a bit of advice. He turns to Kaka and says, 'Kaka, we just need a bit more from you in the middle mate'. Everyone stops for a second and just bursts into laughter.

"On the way there apparently he said he was going to take it a little bit easy and not put himself in the game too much but he said he wasn't going to lose. If Kaka says he's not losing, we're not losing.


"He's going to take the game by the scruff of the neck and do something majestic - which he did because he proved me wrong and made me eat my words."

Aden playing on the same side as one of the greats very nearly didn't happen. He got word from adidas on Monday that was there was a "little tournament" happening and after he didn't make the cut for a recent advert the german sportswear brand filmed, he wasn't all that excited at first.

He was considering no-showing given he had plans with his friends at the same time but elected to attend in hope of bagging a freebie and having a kickabout with his mates.

Then, the one and only Kaka turned up and he lost his mind for a brief moment.

"We're wearing the kits and having a bit of a warm up, cameras all ready while they get us in a circle and give us a little brief.

"The guys who set up it are from Ballers Leagues, they got in touch to and told them [adidas] that we needed a player. In my kit, I'm ready to play one game and get off with the free socks after playing in a tournament with my friends and having a good day.

"Halfway through the brief a guy says, 'Hey guys, I heard you need a player?' and I'm thinking, 'If we need another player, I'm going home.'

"Then when Kaka comes out I'm the first person that just goes, 'F**k off!'. I was already turned to go the exit because I was like, 'I'm not having this, being on the subs bench for ten minutes when someone's taking my place.'

"As I was on my way out, it took a second for me to register who it was. It was crazy and I was like a little kid the whole time.

"He shook everyone's hand, which took him at least ten minutes, but that infectious smile he's got made everyone smile. You saw everyone's inner kid come out and it was just amazing."

Kaka was the only player on the pitch with his name and number on the back of shirt but there was no ego whatsoever in the way he carried himself.

He had time for everyone and even took Aden by surprise when he complimented the area of Hackney.

"When he was shaking everyone's hand, I quickly ran to grab my phone and take a selfie with him but my phone died so I grabbed someone else's phone, and even before he'd taken his jacket off, I took a selfie with him.

"I was chatting with him for five or ten minutes. I asked him if he had been to Hackney before and he said, 'No but it is nice' - I was like, 'A lot of people don't say that about Hackney but welcome!'

"He was an absolute gentleman but also in with the banter, he was one of the boys. Adidas are sending me some boots in a little care pack and I'm pretty sure he had something to say in that.

"Everything I thought about him as a kid is true."

Aden's story is an inspiring one. Born in Somalia, he moved to England aged five and after some initial struggles as a youngster, he now serves as ambassador for Reach Out, a London charity that helps kids develop the right characteristics to be able to successful in life.

"I've been involved in that charity since eleven and got referred to them by my secondary school because I wasn't really getting involved with many kids and there was a communication issue because I wasn't born here and couldn't really speak English properly.

"It changed my life. Between 11 and 16 I was a mentee there and had a mentor who was in the city of London and worked for the UBS.

"It's a great way for people from poor socio-economic backgrounds to have an understanding of life and what it takes to get there.

"Then I was a mentor, volunteered and spent time with the kids before becoming a project manager assistant. Now I do ambassador work for them and go to events with MPs on panels and get to speak about the impact Reach Out has."

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Josh Lawless
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