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Mayor Of Leicester Planning To Honour Players If They Win The Title

Mayor Of Leicester Planning To Honour Players If They Win The Title

Jamie Vardy really will be having a party.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

If like us you're neutral in the Premier League's title race then you've long stopped being neutral and started supporting Leicester, sorry Spurs fans. There's also a good chance you haven't let yourself believe just yet however the Mayor of Leicester has to be prepared.

There's no doubt that if Claudio Ranieri's team pull off the most surprising title win in Premier League history and arguably English football that they'll be some sort of celebration for the players and Sir Peter Soulsby has got it all figured out.

A knighthood might be a bit too soon, even if "Sir James Vardy" does sound rather magnificent, but instead the players will be imortalised in the area by having road names named after them:

"It has been a real team effort, so as well as Vardy Vale we would need to have Schmeichel Street, Drinkwater Drive and Ranieri Road. Leicester has honoured its sporting stars in the past. There is an area named after golfers and there is also a Lineker Road [named after Gary Lineker]."

Tell me who amongst you wouldn't want to live on Fuchs Lane or Morgan Terrace? What a wonderful way it would be to honour the squad if they go on to win the league.

Soulsby also revealed that the celebration would be unsurprisingly better than the one that took place when the club were promoted from the Championship two years ago adding: "Anything we do is going to be a much bigger event than that was - Town Hall Square will not be big enough this time."

It looks like Jamie Vardy won't be the only one having a party...

(h.t The Times)

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