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Brock Lesnar And Chris Jericho Had To Be Pulled Apart Backstage At SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar And Chris Jericho Had To Be Pulled Apart Backstage At SummerSlam

Jericho was not happy with the ending of Lesnar's match with Randy Orton

Joe Baiamonte

Joe Baiamonte

Most of you will have now seen Brock Lesnar splitting Randy Orton's head clean in half during the brutal, uneasy final moments of their SummerSlam main event on Sunday, with many wrestling fans unsure as to whether this bloody conclusion was the planned finish of the bout or whether Lesnar went 'off script'. Well, it transpires that it wasn't just fans who were questioning the finish, with Chris Jericho getting into a heated confrontation with 'The Beast' backstage after the show.

Jericho approached the curtain in the 'Gorilla position' and asked head producer and WWE Hall of Famer Michael Hayes if Lesnar elbowing Orton's head into next month was supposed to happen, but Hayes wouldn't give Y2J an answer, to which Jericho replied "that's bullshit".

As this was happening, Lesnar returned from the ring and, hearing Jericho talking about his match, reportedly called him a 'pussy', with other reports claiming he just told the former six time World Champion to shut up. The two were then quickly face-to-face, with Lesnar pushing Jericho in the chest and Jericho responding with a forehead press, which culminated with the pair up against the wall, where Lesnar is reported to have told Jericho to punch him or kiss him.

Before Y2J could do either of those things (not sure how he'd not just soiled himself and run away, by this point), Triple H separated them, although they were soon back at it and only stopped for good when Vince McMahon power strutted his way between them, informing Jericho that the finish of the main event was indeed a work, rather than a shoot.

Triple H is believed to have informed McMahon that it was Lesnar who instigated the fight and that Jericho was just standing up for himself. Jericho has, of course, a history when it comes to backstage altercations, having once dominated BILL FUCKING GOLDBERG in front of the entire WWE locker room, back in 2003. Still though, you've got to question the sanity of a bloke who wears a scarf with no shirt for a living attempting to take down a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. It sounds like the behaviour of a 'stupid idiot', to us (sorry, Chris).

(H/T Wrestling Observer)

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