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Jose Mourinho Called Dele Alli 'F***ing Lazy' In Spurs Team Meeting

Jose Mourinho Called Dele Alli 'F***ing Lazy' In Spurs Team Meeting

Jose Mourinho called Dele Alli "f***ing lazy" to his face in his first team meeting at Spurs.

The all new Amazon 'All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur" gives a fascinating insight into how Mourinho operates on a day-to-day basis and just how many expletives he produces.

And as seen right at the end of episode on, when he's going through the tactics ahead of his first game in charge against West Ham United, England midfielder Alli is singled out by the Portuguese boss.


Going through a clip from a training session, Mourinho takes issue with the former MK Dons midfielder not being quick enough with his decision-making.

"Fast ball, fast ball and in the space," Mourinho says animatedly.

"Okay, I understood already, where's Dele? I understood already that you are a f***ing lazy guy in training."

Alli, who had already been called "f***ing lazy" by his new manager in training, cracked a smile.


Earlier on in episode one of the series, Mourinho tells Spurs chairman that Alli is not good in training but reveals the 24-year old is the one player Sir Alex Ferguson told him to sign.

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Jose Mourinho Says He Was Upset At Dele Alli After Stoke Goal

"I told already Dele very directly that he doesn't train well, he is not a good trainer," Mourinho reveals in a chat in his office.

"I am not saying a disaster but I am not saying Harry Kane, Harry Kane is a very good trainer.

Jose Mourinho Says He Was Upset At Dele Alli After Stoke Goal

Jose Mourinho Says He Was Upset At Dele Alli After Stoke Goal

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"Sir Alex Ferguson gave me only one bit of advice in two and a half years: Buy Dele Alli. 'That guy, with that mentality, the way he plays, the aggression he has in mind. This guy is the Manchester United player. Buy Dele Alli'.

"And he [Ferguson] has an eye for a player. But he [Alli] is not a good trainer, we need to find motivation for the guy."

In the third episode, Mourinho then calls Alli in for a one-vs-one chat as he vies to get him back to his best.


"I think you feel that I like you," he tells Alli.

"I like you as a player and I like you as a kid. I think you are a nice kid. I just want to be your coach but with a good connection so I always have to tell you what I think.

"Inside of you maybe you tell me to "f***k off" but I have to tell you exactly what I think. For me, since the beginning, I had no doubts about your potential - I saw you do incredible matches and incredible things but I always felt you had ups and downs.

"There is a huge difference between a player who keeps consistency and a player who has moments. I think one day you will regret if you don't reach what you can reach."

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