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Inter And AC Milan Reveal Stunning Concept Designs For New Stadium

Inter And AC Milan Reveal Stunning Concept Designs For New Stadium

The two Milan club will share a new facility at the same site of the San Siro...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

AC Milan and Inter Milan have released the two final concept designs for their new stadium.

AC have been extremely keen on the idea of having a new, improved stadium for a while now, with Inter initially hesitant before they soon became onboard with the project.

In June it was revealed by AC Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni that a new 60,000 seater ground is to be built right next to the site of the legendary San Siro and today a presentation showed the two potential stadium designs.

The Cathedral design by Populous draws inspiration from the Duomo di Milano church in the city and is prioritising sustainability - with rainwater harvesting, zero emissions and solar panels just some of the environment friendly features.

The American company designed Tottenham Hotspur's new state-of-the-art stadium and want to one-up themselves by creating a facility that captures the rich culture in Milan but in a modern way.

"We've taken our inspiration from some of the icons of Milan, such as the Duomo and the Galleria," Populous managing director Chris Lee said.

"We wanted to marry both the tradition, rich culture and architecture with a modern, forward-thinking and sustainable building.

"We want it to be an icon too, a building that will represent both clubs, but also the city of Milan on a world stage. We wanted it to be instantly recognisable, architecture that is both deferential, but also futuristic and forward-looking.

"What we wanted to produce here is a stadium that builds on the tradition of food and beverage in Milan and bring it into the stadium, the way we did with Tottenham and the incredible food market.

"We also produced a Galleria filled with light and trees, a democratic space where the general admission fan and VIP can mingle, an incredibly democratic stadium.

"It is also part of a much bigger district with 22 acres of green surrounding the building, it has a piazza with food and beverage, an office space that we purposefully sunk to ensure it's a good and respectful neighbour.

"The original pitch will become a museum, a glass elevator taking you down to view it and a walk of champions who played here.

"The architectonics of the building change, not just LEDs or colours, so the Milan badge can appear on the front or the blue snake of Inter enveloping the arena, or it can be neutral, white and crisp for the city of Milan."

On the other hand, Sportium are in contention with their 'The Rings of Milano' project. Much like it was for Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich at the Allianz Arena, the new stadium would change colour depend on whether Inter or AC Milan are playing at home.

Plans also include glass skyscrapers next to the stadium, a seating bowl so that the passion from supporters in Milan is not lost, and a large football pitch occupying the same space where the San Siro is currently.

"It's not just about being closer and louder, but also safer, more comfortable and accessible to everyone in the city," said David Manica, owner of architecture firm.

"The facades are open like a theatre and the colours can change both with lights and panels, so when Milan approach the building, it is entirely red, and when Inter approach it is blue.

"Each ring represents one of the two clubs, locked in unity. The façade is made up of panels of about 1m square made up of past, present and eventually future fans. A child can be taken to the stadium, point and see his grandfather's face on the side of the stadium, knowing one day he'll take his grandchild to the same place. It is a stadium for the citizens of Milan."

As per the Daily Mail, that construction work for the new stadium will party take place below street level to minimise the amount of pollution and litter around the area, while the proposed project is poised to bring in €1.2 billion in investments and more than 3,500 jobs in the area.

Which design do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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