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How Full Each Premier League Stadium Has Been This Season

How Full Each Premier League Stadium Has Been This Season

West Ham United's London Stadium is the most full ground in the Premier League this evening according to a study, with Newcastle United's St James' Park right at the opposite end of the table.

TransferMarkt have collated all the important data, which shows that the London Stadium has a capacity percentage of 99.9% after totalling an average attendance of 59,916 this campaign.


Chelsea, Leicester and Arsenal are joint second on 99.3%, with Norwich in fifth spot after filling 99.2% of their stadium.

Manchester City are regularly ridiculed with the 'Emptihad' jokes from rival fans about their attendances but the numbers here tell a completely different story.

Image: PA
Image: PA

City are in eighth, ahead of 9th placed Liverpool and 12th placed Manchester United, having averaged 54,386 as a home crowd this term - giving them a capacity percentage of 98.9%.


At the very bottom of the pile is Newcastle but it's not so much of a surprise given the supporters' well-documented resentment towards owner Mike Ashley.

Image: PA
Image: PA

A number of boycotts has resulted in an average attendance of 47,166 - around 5,000 short of the full capacity.

Southampton and Burnley make up the bottom three as far as capacity percentages go, with both on 91.5% from their home games in 2019/120.

Here is the table in full:

1. West Ham

Capacity: 60,000

Average: 59,916
Capacity percentage: 99.9%

2 = Chelsea

Capacity: 40,853
Average: 40,567
Capacity percentage: 99.3%

2 = Leicester City

Capacity: 32,273
Average: 32,046
Capacity percentage: 99.3%

2 = Arsenal

Capacity: 60,704
Average: 60,278
Capacity percentage: 99.3%

5. Norwich

Capacity: 27,244
Average: 27,037
Capacity percentage: 99.2%

6. Everton

Capacity: 39,571
Average: 39,215
Capacity percentage: 99.1%

7. Brighton

Capacity: 30,666
Average: 30,352
Capacity percentage: 99.0%

8. Manchester City

Capacity: 55,017
Average: 54.386
Capacity percentage: 98.9%

9. Liverpool

Capacity: 54,074
Average: 53,118
Capacity percentage: 98.2%

10. Aston Villa

Capacity: 42,682
Average: 41,703
Capacity percentage: 97.7%


11. Wolves

Capacity: 32,050
Average: 31,287
Capacity percentage: 97.6%

12. Manchester United

Capacity: 74,879
Average: 72,419
Capacity percentage: 96.7%

13. Crystal Palace

Capacity: 26.047
Average: 25.058
Capacity percentage: 96.2%

14. Spurs

Capacity: 62,062
Average: 59,308
Capacity percentage: 95.6%

15. Watford

Capacity: 21,577
Average: 20,593
Capacity percentage: 95.4%

16. Sheffield United

Capacity: 32,702
Average: 30,799
Capacity percentage: 94.2%

17. Bournemouth

Capacity: 11,329
Average: 10,531
Capacity percentage: 93.0%

18 = Burnley

Capacity: 32,384
Average: 29,646
Capacity percentage: 91.5%

18 = Southampton

Capacity: 32,384
Average: 29,646
Capacity percentage: 91.5%

20. Newcastle United

Capacity: 52,338
Average: 47,166
Capacity percentage: 90.1%

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