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Wes Morgan Is Not Happy With His FIFA 20 Card And You Can See Why

Wes Morgan Is Not Happy With His FIFA 20 Card And You Can See Why

Morgan's pace on FIFA 20 prompted a hilarious reaction from James Maddison.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Wes Morgan was far from impressed with EA Sports for his ridiculously low pace on FIFA 20.

The 35-year-old defender has the same overall rating of 75 from FIFA 19, but his pace has been reduced to a measly 29 rating.

He's not happy with his new stats and he made his feeling known as he took to social media.

The Leicester City captain uploaded a picture of his FIFA 20 card, accompanied with a laughing emoji and the following words: "@EASPORTSFIFA taking the absolute p*ss with these stats!???"

Here's how his FIFA 20 card compares to his FIFA 19 card.


The Jamaica international's FIFA 20 card was the talk of social media with teammate James Maddison weighing in on his 29 pace.

Morgan's not the only person unhappy with his FIFA 20 stats. Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho has been handed a 77 passing rating, despite assisting 17 goals since the start of the 2018/19 season.

Shortly after the official top 100 player ratings were released, the England starlet took to Twitter to vent his frustration over his stats.

"77 passing?!" He wrote accompanied with a picture of his FIFA 20 card.

EA Sports responded to his post, suggesting that he focus on his more impressive 90 dribbling stat.

"Why pass when you have 90 dribbling?" They said in reply to his rating.

But Sancho isn't budging on his opinion. To be fair, both Harry Kane and Thomas Muller have better passing stats than the 19-year-old, which is questionable to say the least.

"I think both could be 90. A bit harsh," wrote the teenage sensation.

FIFA 20 will be released on September 27 in the U.K.

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