Someone Has Set Up A Petition To Get Ray Hudson's Commentary In FIFA 20

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Someone Has Set Up A Petition To Get Ray Hudson's Commentary In FIFA 20

Someone has set up a petition for Ray Hudson to be a commentator on FIFA 20 alongside his right-hand man Phil Schoen.

Hudson and Schoen team up for beIN Sports' football coverage and are renowned as one of the most passionate pairings in the commentary box - so much so that one fan in particular is desperate to hear their dulcet tones when they play FIFA.

Joe Amato created the petition on and called for EA Sports to bring something a little different to the table.



"Diehard and casual FIFA players deserve a more animated and exciting commentary during our matches," the description reads.

There is no greater duo than Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen from BeIn Sports. Their commentary keeps every game exciting and specifically Ray Hudson's passion is what is missing in the FIFA franchise.

Join the cause and get the most MAGISTERIAL commentary possible for FIFA 20!

For years now FIFA fans have had to listen to Martin Tyler constantly compliment Alan Smith on his heading ability, with the two still the main commentary duo on FIFA.


Last year, however, EA made a change when they drafted in Derek Rae and Lee Dixon as the go-to voices for the new Champions League mode - adding "another piece of the puzzle that really makes that experience feel new and different and immersive" according to executive producer Aaron McHardy.

In addition to that, legendary commentator John Motson made a brief cameo in the game when he describes Jim Hunter's 100th goal.


Hudson's commentary is the definition of unique and is in full flow whenever Lionel Messi is leaving us in awe.


Time and time again, Hudson has produced iconic quote after iconic quote about the five-time Ballon d'Or winner and here are the best 20:

  1. "They tell me that all men are equal in the eyes of god but this man seriously makes you think about those words."
  2. "In the United states, we give hurricanes a name. If they ever call one Lionel Messi, you'd better evacuate, people."
  3. "Waahhh.. are you kidding me? This man is absolutely mainline to pure footballing magic that belongs in a different galaxy altogether."
  4. "Welcome to Lionel's world, Where the insane becomes the predictable."
  5. "I tell you what, if Issac Newton was watching this man, he would be saying boy was i wrong? Astonishing from Lionel. Sweeter than a mother's kiss at bed time."
  6. "Again.. Where the insane becomes the routine with this man. He is nothing less than a ball whisperer."
  7. "AAHHH!!!!!.... Excuse me for being excited people, but we've just witnessed a goal that would wake up a catatonic! Astonishing skill that literally takes the breath away. Phenomenal football and there's no answer to that. You can't coach against this. It's pure genius is what it is!"
  8. "On penalty assist-- He's absolutely shakespearean, The Shakespeare got it wrong. It wasn't King Lear, it's King Leo!"
  9. "Do you wanna know what pure adrenaline looks like, in the human form? This is what it looks like and it's wearing a number 10 shirt."
  10. "Lionel Messi, you could drop a tarantula into his shorts and he'll still be cool."
  11. "It is like...he's playing a tambourine on his knee."
  12. "He soaks up the defenders like a paper towel soaks up milk."
  13. "Footballing's bird of paradise is fluffing his feathers beautifully."
  14. "Angles mean nothing to this man - he could decorate a rose and make it look better."
  15. "Messi invents passing lanes, he doesn't look for them."
  16. "He abides in the magnetic spectrum of genius with the ball. Pure footballing magic."
  17. "Lionel Messi, the nerve of a cat burglar. He's as cool as the seeds inside a cucumber."
  18. "Arrives like a witch on a broomstick and produces the hocus pocus in front of goal."
  19. "He arrives like a ghost in the night. There ain't any tracking of him....X-rays couldn't track this guy down."
  20. "They tell me that all men are equal in God's eyes, this guy makes you seriously think about those words."

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