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There's A Crazy Speed Boost On FIFA 19 And It Looks So Overpowered

There's A Crazy Speed Boost On FIFA 19 And It Looks So Overpowered

Controllers will be thrown...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Over the last few days we've made you aware of several of the new features and additions coming to FIFA 19 - and one of the latest ones we've come across involves a speed best that will change the game.

FIFA YouTuber MattHDGamer had some hands on time with the beta version of the game and has picked up on the nifty trick that looks to be deadly if you pull it off - but will send you completely raging mad if you're defending against it.

Basically, if you're turning on the jets with the likes of Mohamed Salah, Kylian Mbappe and Sadio Mane, this new fake shot combination appears to be almost impossible to cope against.

Talking us through the genius move if you're on Xbox One, Matt says it's as simple as holding LB, pressing B then A in quick succession before moving the left stick in whichever direction you wish to go in.


If PlayStation 4 is your console of choice, hold L1, press circle and square and finish off with the movement of the left analog stick.

It seems to work with any fast player on FIFA but the key is making sure there's enough space between the opposition player.

Watching a few clips from the video, you see how beneficial it can be - as the attacking players skip past the defenders with such pace and power that the defenders can't get near them. The speed boost is almost like a glitch when you upgrade your players acceleration and speed.

In other recent FIFA 19 news, it seems as though the Brazilian national team will not a playable side on the game., along with several YouTubers, have posted video run-throughs of the national sides available to play in the beta version - capturing the footage at Gamescom 2018.

And though the vast majority of the household names are in as per usual, five-time World Cup winners Brazil are not on the men's national team section.

As aforementioned, this is the beta version of the game and not the final version, but it would take quite a turnaround for things to change in time for the expected worldwide release of FIFA 19 on September 28.

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