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The Top 10 Players On The Original FIFA Street Game

The Top 10 Players On The Original FIFA Street Game

After all the speculation and hype, it's finally been confirmed that FIFA Street will be making a return as part of the new 'Volta' mode.

Electronic Arts debuted the first look at FIFA 20 during EA Play ahead of E3 next week, as well as as sharing details on the mode as soon as the official trailer dropped.


"Break new ground with Volta football in FIFA 20, releasing 27th September 2019," EA said.

"Build your player, pick your gear and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world."

And we thought with the exciting news, it was only right to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the original FIFA Street game from 2005 - in particular the highest-rated players on the first game in one of the most beloved series.

1. Ronaldinho: 97 Rated


The absolute king of FIFA Street, no questions asked. 'R10' was on the front cover of the first ever FIFA Street and was the best-ranked player on the game thanks to his innate levels of flair and trickery. There was nothing better in life than scoring a 'Gamebreaker' with Ronaldinho.

2. Thierry Henry: 96 Rated

The Frenchman was the second-highest rated player on the inaugural game and like he would on the normal FIFA games, would continue to do absolute bits - scoring solo goals galore.

3. Deco: 95 Rated

People often forget how good Deco was but the pint-sized Portuguese genius was well-rated by EA Sports back in the day. He was the third best player and highest-rated midfielder on the game.

4. Ronaldo Nazario: 93 Rated

The second Brazilian on the list, O Fenomeno simply had to be right at the top of the list after learning his trade playing football on the streets of Bento Ribeiro, a Rio de Janeiro suburb.

5. Adriano: 91 Rated

The Emperor carries a strong association with PES courtesy of his deadly 99 shot power on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 but he was also an absolute bagsman on FIFA Street.

= Wayne Rooney: 91 Rated

A FIFA cover star on the game on multiple occasions and typically one of the best players on the game year on year, Rooney's deadly form translated from the pitch to the court and he was comfortably the best English player on the game.

= Damien Duff: 91 Rated

And then comes the major shock on the list. Irish winger Damien Duff was a key player for Chelsea when FIFA Street first came out and that was reflected in his rating.

= Francesco Totti: 91 Rated

'Il Capitano' was rated 94 on FIFA 05 but had to settle for three marks lower as far as FIFA Street was concerned. Still, he was one of the very best on the game and could always be relied on for moments of magic.

= Cristiano Ronaldo: 91 Rated

The five-time Ballon d'Or had only just recently moved out of his teenage years when FIFA Street was released but was already busting out the stepovers and flicks as Harvey from So Solid Crew lost his mind on commentary.

= Raul: 91 Rated

Completing the list is Raul, one of the very best finishers in the business. The Real Madrid and Spain legend wasn't known for his skills but whether it was at an Amsterdam underpass or a rooftop in China, he knew where the net was.

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The Top 10 Players On The Original FIFA Street Game

The Top 10 Players On The Original FIFA Street Game

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