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What If Celtic And Rangers Played In England? Football Manager Simulates The Experiment

What If Celtic And Rangers Played In England? Football Manager Simulates The Experiment

Interesting stuff.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

How would Celtic and Rangers fare if they were thrown into the English leagues? Jamie O'Hara recently claimed both would be Premier League relegation battlers, but would they really do that badly?

It's a debate many have had down the years. "Steven Gerrard has done a fantastic job," O'Hara told TalkSPORT. "He's got them playing some decent football but in terms of the quality, I still don't think it's anywhere near the Premier League.

"I think both teams would struggle to stay in the Premier League. They'd find it tough."

The former Spurs midfielder went on to question whether the two biggest teams in Scotland are indeed better than the likes of Sheffield United, West Brom and Fulham. "I don't know." he said. "I think Fulham would win the league in Scotland."


After all the discussion surrounding how Celtic and Rangers would fare in England's top leagues, one Football Manager fan has decided to simulate that idea to find out - and the results were certainly interesting, albeit worrying for one set of supporters.

Twitter account @nocontextfm1 placed The Gers and The Hoops in the Championship, where they replaced two of the worst teams in the league.

As you can see below, Celtic were the clear favourites and Rangers should have been up there, but underperfomed.

Here is a thread of that journey in full. Enjoy!

So there we go. If Rangers and Celtic were thrown into the Championship with the teams they currently have, Steven Gerrard's side would come agonisingly close to Premier League promotion in third, while The Hoops run away with the title as champions.

What about the second season?

It's the end of the second season and Rangers once again miss out on promotion to the Premier League, finishing a disappointing fifth place, while over-achieving Celtic finish in a respectable 13th place as they look to kick on and become challengers in the coming years. Will they?

Let's find out.

That's the third season done and Rangers are FINALLY promoted to the promised land after a play-off final win against Leeds United. But after getting them promoted, Sam Allardyce has left and Stale Solbakken has taken over. Celtic, meanwhile, survive by the skin of their teeth.

Fourth season? Oh go on then.

The fourth season is perhaps the most exciting yet. Rangers and Celtic meet in the League Cup final, where The Gers come out on top and win a first piece of silverware in England. But in a big plot twist, Rangers are relegated from the Premier League on goal difference. Celtic finish in mid-table.

If you're interested, you can see the rest of the Football Manager thread HERE, where the fan goes on to simulate further.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Football Manager

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