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The Story Behind Thomas Muller's Formula-Breaking Rating On FIFA

The Story Behind Thomas Muller's Formula-Breaking Rating On FIFA

EA Sports admitted they had to boost Muller's overall rating on FIFA because 'he isn't really good at anything...'

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

It was revealed in 2018 that Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller had to have his FIFA ratings improved because "he wasn't good at anything."

Let us elaborate. So the man responsible for collecting and verifying the football data at EA Sports, Michael Mueller-Moehring, explained how the German international breaks the formula for working out a player's overall rating.

Normally a team of 9000 data reviewers, which includes professional-level scouts and coaches, decide a rating.

The majority are made up of season-ticket holders who watch loads of games in person, who then provide feedback.


But Thomas Muller's results were different, so Mueller-Moehring explained the situation.

"A case is Thomas Muller, who isn't good at anything, really, apart from his positioning." he told ESPN.

"He always finds the right spot on the pitch, it's amazing. But he's not a great dribbler and he can't really strike the ball properly - his finishing is sometimes really, really off. Shot power is not his strength as well.

"So if you rate Thomas Muller properly, he ends up with a rating that we say doesn't make sense. It's too low."

So, in short; EA Sports boost his overall rating to reflect his standings in the game.

Despite having an impressive goals record and trophy-haul, Muller really is such an unusual player and one that cannot be specifically categorised.

He is aware of that himself and has even given himself his own title to sum up his playing style.

"I don't enjoy being classed as a striker, I don't see myself as one," Muller once said, as per talkSPORT.

"I like to be active in the space in behind the opposition's midfield. That's where I can hurt the opponent most of all. I'm a mix between a striker and a midfielder. I'm a Raumdeuter (space interpreter). It's about instinct."

Having played an integral part in Bayern's treble-winning season in 2019/20, Muller received an 86-rated card in FIFA 21 but does he deserve a higher rating?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports/PA

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