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Watch: Arsenal Target Malcom Produces One Of The Dives Of The Season

Watch: Arsenal Target Malcom Produces One Of The Dives Of The Season

Diving, 'simulation' and general cheating tend to get a bad rap from football fans, pundits and most players but, let's face it, cheating to win a match can also be very, very funny and very, very satisfying. As Diego Maradona and Thierry Henry will gladly tell you.

The mindset of doing anything to win can drive some players to extremes, with the likes of Luis Suarez, Dele Alli and Cristiano Ronaldo drawing the ire of many an opponent and rival supporter with their various forms of theatrics.

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But, given the opportunity, who, when presented with an opportunity to earn their side a golden opportunity to win a game or maybe grab a desperately needed equaliser, wouldn't take it? Are you really going to say 'nah, fuck it' when you could win instead of lose? Don't be a grass, just pretend like you've been shot and wait for the ref to point to the spot.

OK, so you may earn yourself a retroactive three game ban from the FA if you're deemed to have been found guilty of simulation in the Premier League nowadays, but are you really that arsed about that when the resulting penalty is tucked home and your on your way to three points?

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Which brings us to Arsenal target Malcom and his incredible effort for Bordeaux, today.

The young Brazilian has been heavily linked with a move to the Gunners all month, following the departure of Alexis Sanchez and, judging by the dive he busted out during today's Ligue Un clash with Lyon, Arsene Wenger would be mad not to throw whatever money Bordeaux want at the French club for the 20-year-old attacker.

Arsenal Transfer Target ‘Resigns Himself’ To Move Due To Lack Of Better Offers

Arsenal Transfer Target ‘Resigns Himself’ To Move Due To Lack Of Better Offers

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Just look at the sheer fucking audacity of it. OK, so he doesn't earn a penalty for his efforts, but how can you fault the bollocks it takes to fall down that dramatically and not feel the slightest pang of regret or embarrassment?

Sign him up, Arsene and anger dads with Union Jacks in their Twitter bios, everywhere.

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