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Strasbourg Striker Stephane Bahoken Has Won Twitter With His Profile Picture

Strasbourg Striker Stephane Bahoken Has Won Twitter With His Profile Picture

Strasbourg striker Stephane Bahoken is officially our new favourite footballer, comfortably eclipsing Michy Batshuayi and Benjamin Mendy as the new king of Twitter thanks to his latest antics.

The 25-year old, who is the son of former Cameroon striker Paul Bahoken, came up against league leaders Paris Saint-Germain and was on target in a 5-2 away defeat for Strasbourg, scoring his second goal this season against Unai Emery's after scoring the winner in a 2-1 win over the Parisians early this season.

But clearly this loss hasn't had a negative impact on the former St Mirren loanee's confidence. He took to Twitter a few days back to change his profile picture on the social media site.


Incredibly, the image is of Neymar, the world's most expensive player, looking like he is bowing down to Bahoken as if he is his master.

Francois Denat is the man responsible for the iconic photo, which Bahoken is evidently absolutely loving. It's currently his display picture on Twitter but you can only imagine he's getting it framed and painted in his house. And who are we to question him?


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It's top-tier trolling from the Frenchman, though he won't exactly be best pals with Neymar from now on.

You'd suspect that Bahoken might be getting the "pretend handshake" treatment off the Brazilian the next time he comes up against him.


Three weeks ago, PSG's No.10 extended his hand out to Rennes player Hamari Traore, as though he was going to help him up.

But just as Traore moved to accept his handshake and allow Neymar to bring him back to his feet, the Brazilian pulled his hand away.

You can't beat a bit of shithousery...

Featured Image Credit: Francois Denat

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