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When Paul Scholes Was Caught Calling Robbie Savage A 'Kn**head' On Live TV, Presenter Had To Apologise

When Paul Scholes Was Caught Calling Robbie Savage A 'Kn**head' On Live TV, Presenter Had To Apologise

BT Sport were forced to apologise live on air afterwards.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

Paul Scholes produced one of his most memorable punditry moments during a BT Sport show alongside Robbie Savage and to this day, he claims to not have realised his actions until the presenter apologised.

The former Manchester United and England international, who celebrates his 47th birthday today, was sat next to former teammate Phil Neville on BT Sport's Fletch & Sav show back in 2015 when he called Savage a "kn*bhead".

Here is that moment below.

As you can see in the footage above, the segment begins when co-host Darren Fletcher makes a comment about there being two-and-a-half members of the Class of 92 being in the studio.

Savage, who played alongside Neville and Scholes as a teenager at United, then joked that Scholes was taller than that; a comment that was initially met with laughter.

Then the former midfielder made that quip under his breath.

Scholes later insisted that he didn't realise he'd made the comment until Fletcher apologised minutes later.

"I realise that my inadvertent remark on BT Sport that was picked up by the cameras has caused a fair bit of amusement," he said in his Independent column.

"I have to be clear about one thing, the 'knobhead' comment was something of a reflex that came out because I must have been so relaxed on the Fletch and Sav sofa.

"In reality, I did not even realise I had said it until the presenter, Darren Fletcher, apologised on air a few minutes later."

Scholes went on to confirm that there were no bad feelings towards Savage; someone he grew up playing alongside during his time in Manchester United's youth academy.

"I don't think Robbie Savage is a k***head," the former midfielder continued.

"We have known each other since we were kids and I enjoy being on the show with him. I am sure we said much worse to each other in those Manchester United youth teams.

"Anyway, it was after the 9pm watershed, right?"

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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