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Gabor Kiraly's Grey Tracksuit Trousers Are Causing A World Craze

Gabor Kiraly's Grey Tracksuit Trousers Are Causing A World Craze

Get behind it!



If you aren't an unofficial member of the Gabor Kiraly Appreciation Club then you damn well should be. There aren't many 40 year olds still about playing international football and there's even fewer wearing the most incredible grey tracksuit trousers ever.

It's one thing wearing tracksuit trousers over shorts to play football but you'd think you might go for the slimline synthetic material type rather than the heavy cotton ones that can only restrict movement and get worse if it rains. Not Kiraly though, the legendary keeper has been donning those pants forever.

Everyone is getting behind the Kiraly craze and it's exactly why we love international tournaments because they make stars of the most random players and bring the best stories.

Twitter is abuzz with stuff about the former Crystal Palace keeper, especially after the world's greatest piece of unnecessary skill at the end of the game against Portugal yesterday:

The craze is so big in Hungary right now that they're celebrating the veteran goalie by wearing their own grey 'joggers' to work.

And it's not just Hungarian's who can't get enough of him

Long live the king of the jogging bottoms!

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