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Harry Maguire Racked Up A £63,000 Bar Bill Before Mykonos Arrest

Harry Maguire Racked Up A £63,000 Bar Bill Before Mykonos Arrest

Harry Maguire reportedly racked up a £63,000 bar bill while holidaying in Mykonos in the days before his arrest.

Manchester United captain Maguire was allegedly involved in a dispute with other British tourists in the early hours of Friday morning before police intervened.

Three arrests were made, including Maguire, and he spent two nights in a jail cell.

Per The Sun, Maguire enjoyed his holiday earlier in the week with Chelsea star Ross Barkley, Love Island's Chris Hughes, snooker player Judd Trump and brother Joe.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

Some of their expenses include:

£18,000 bottle of Dom Perignon Brut 2002

£17,000 bottle of Armand de ­Brignac Champagne


£750 on three bottles of Jack Daniel's

£1,200 of lobster

£820 on seven ­ribeye steaks

Greek meze platters


Wagyu beef rolls

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More reports have emerged about the alleged brawl.

A group of men had begun to mock Maguire prior to a 'fight' breaking out. Police then arrived at the scene and Maguire grew frustrated while trying to explain the situation.

Maguire's younger sister, Daisy, was allegedly 'stabbed in the arm' with a 'sharp object' which result in the 27-year-old stepping in.

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"They tried to arrest him and Harry started hitting the police," a source told The Sun.

"They had to call for backup. Two or three more police came but Harry was so strong and upset that they couldn't pin him down."

An eyewitness also backed up claims that Maguire had been provoked by another group.


British tourist Sam Moore told The Sun: "This group of British lads were out for trouble and were being really abusive towards Maguire and his club.

"I could hear them singing about the Munich air disaster and saying other vile things.

"You could tell that they wanted to have a punch-up with Maguire.

"I don't know what football team they supported but they didn't like Manchester United - that much was obvious.''

As per a statement from Greek police, a bribery attempt was made after the three individuals "strongly resisted, pushing and hitting three police officers" upon their arrival at the police station.

Maguire has since been released from prison and been allowed to return to England a 'free man for now.'

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