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'Drunk Football' Is A Real Thing In Norway

'Drunk Football' Is A Real Thing In Norway

Football and alcohol mixed together is quite the combination.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Football and alcohol are a pretty prolific combination, but no-one has ever quite utilised the two in the way that a load of people in Norway did.

Bored of just being drunk and bored of just playing football, they decided to spice things up and merge the two together.

It's basically your usual game of five-a-side only before the match players have to drink to the extent that their blood alcohol concentration is 1.0.

And the boozing doesn't stop with pre drinks. The players have to maintain that level otherwise their goals are disallowed. Of course, hilarity and terrible football ensues, as does one of the greatest comebacks in football history.

Credit: YouTube/@humornieu

It really warms your heart that the drunkest man on the pitch scores a late late winner from 3-0 down. As for fan engagement, the fans in attendance are invited in to the changing room pre kick-off to join in the drinking.

Football and alcohol do go hand in hand, with that being evident when former Swedish international Kennedy Bakircioglu celebrated a banging 30-yard free-kick by catching and downing a beer.

The former Ajax man, capped 14 times by his country, was a bit of a Championship Manager favourite back in the day and even had a trial with Manchester United.

Image: PA
Image: PA

His career may have just peaked when he channelled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin after whacking in a belter from a dead-ball situation during a game for Hammarby IF.

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