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Diogo Jota's Incredible Reaction To Packing Everton Player On FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Diogo Jota's Incredible Reaction To Packing Everton Player On FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Liverpool's Diogo Jota felt he had to show his commitment to the red half of Merseyside.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Liverpool fans will love Diogo Jota's incredible reaction to packing an Everton player on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

The Portugal international was crowned as the best FIFA player in the Premier League when he went all the way in the ePremier League invitational tournament during lockdown in April.

Closing in on a return from an injury, Jota recently went 30-0 on weekend league to sit as No.1 in the world and has set up his own esports team.

He regularly streams his FIFA exploits and recently packed Toffees' 84-rated Michael Keane. As per Dexerto, the card would have gone for around for 30,000 but Jota was not interested and took a 20,000 loss when he quick-sold the England international with little hesitation.

Check out the brilliant clip, with Jota laughing as he committed the savage act:

To be fair though, Jota's team is quite sensational and he likely didn't need Keane anyway.

His centre-back partnership of 88-rated Raphael Varane and 86-rated Kyle Walker is just filthy and will take some beating.

But his decision to discard Keane is similar to the priceless moment Sergio Aguero packed Jurgen Klopp.

Manchester City's record goalscorer also loves playing FIFA and streaming on Twitch. In May, while going through some items he had packed, Aguero took a pause before placing the German manager in the bin.

Someone on TikTok edited together a hilarious video showing what was going through the striker's thoughts as he looked upon a rival's card and it's genuinely outstanding.

Jota, meanwhile, has been critical of EA Sports in recent times. In December, the former Wolves forward posted a video of him playing on FUT champions and seeing the game completely glitch out.

Jota was preparing to take a penalty with his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo but the ball was stuck on the line and his opponent's goalkeeper appeared to be stuck behind the net

He captioned the video: "Great thanks @EASportsFIFA" - accompanying with a laughing emoji but looking a little unhappy when he panned the camera on himself.

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