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Cristiano Ronaldo Turns Into Superhero In Bizarre New Advert

Cristiano Ronaldo Turns Into Superhero In Bizarre New Advert

Cristiano Ronaldo is often the hero on the pitch he's swapped that for a different role.

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Cristiano Ronaldo stars as a superhero in a bizarre new advert.

The five-time Ballon d'Or winner has a knack for destroying opposition and tasting victory on the pitch but he's slotted into a different role for mobile game Free Fire.

Ronaldo has uploaded a video on his Instagram of his appearance in 'Legend Of The Bounty Hunter: Part 2'. With a top knot and special armed suit, Ronaldo fights off an army of villains using guns and some martial arts prowess.

The CGI CR7 even does his trademark 'SIUUUUUU' celebration and forms a force-field around him, eventually defeating the enemy on his own and saving a young child who had been kidnapped.

The clip has garnered over six million views and there's no doubt that Ronaldo, with his 254 million followers on Instagram, will have been paid handsomely for the advert.

Ronaldo has featured in a number of bizarre adverts in recent years. In 2019, he and Brazil star Neymar dressed up in medieval attire and having a sword fight that then turns into a lightsaber joust.

Earlier than that, the pair swapped the football pitch for the boxing ring, and in another version of the commercial, both players attempted to play table tennis with chopsticks after yet more suggestions from the general public.

The worst of the lot, however was an advert Ronaldo filmed with Shopee, a Singapore-based e-commerce portal.

It starts off fairly normal, with Ronaldo walloping a trademark free-kick into the top corner and then celebrating by doing his usual celebration in front of thousands of fans in attendance.

Much to Ronaldo's confusion, nobody reacts to his goal celebration. He then looks at the crowd, who are not even watching and are instead too busy browsing the 'Shopee' mobile app to care about the Ronaldo scoring a banger from range.

The referee then brandishes his very own 'Shopee' card in an Oscar-winning performance before CR7 and a load of teammates in the background bursts into song and start throwing shapes to the annoying "Baby Shark" theme.

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