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Compilation Of Thierry Henry's Arsenal Best Bits Is Pure Filth

Compilation Of Thierry Henry's Arsenal Best Bits Is Pure Filth

A true Premier League great...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

In times of self-isolation, what better to do than to watch a compilation of Thierry Henry running riot in his pomp?

The Frenchman was utterly unplayable during his time at Arsenal, regularly winning games on his own for the Gunners.

In addition to his electric pace, Henry was unbelievably gifted technically and also a deadly finisher whenever a chance presented itself.

In total, Henry notched an incredible 228 goals for the North London outfit - 175 of which came in the Premier League to put him sixth in the all-time top scorers list.

The World Cup winner notched 20+ goals in five separate seasons in the Premier League which is quite sublime but Henry was so much more than a goalscorer.

He was one of the best dribblers we've ever had the pleasure of seeing in English football and also had a knack for setting up teammates - he still currently holds the record for the most assists in a single season with 20.

Remarkably, all of his assists came from open play in the 2002/03 campaign and that particular area of his game is what separates him from the rest of the Premier League top strikers pack.

This compilation, just short of two minutes long, perfectly captures the sheer sauce of Thierry Henry and serves as an apt reminder of just how good he was in his prime.

Henry was so good, in fact, that he used to make Ruud van Nistelrooy sad. The Dutchman, a rival at the time, was a superb striker himself and even beat Henry to the Golden Boot on one occasion.

But according to United legend Rio Ferdinand, Van Nistelrooy obsessed over Henry's statistics and used to come in the changing room unhappy if Arsenal's No.14 had one-upped him.

Ferdinand said, as per Metro: "Ruud van Nistelrooy used to come in changing room after a game, trust me, we're trying to win the league, we've beat someone 3-1 or 4-1, he's scored one goal, he'll come in and look up to the TV [shake his head] and go 'ohh'.

"He sits down, [we ask] 'Ruud, are you alright, what's wrong?'. And he'll reply, 'nothing, nothing'.

"Then someone will go, 'Thierry has scored two today, Ruud has only scored one, so he's a goal behind now.'

"And he's sitting there devastated, and you can see it. I used to sit there, and this this guy is mad, we just won 3-1, he's scored a banger, set someone up as well, and he's disappointed."

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