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Chris Jericho Details Backstage Scuffle With Brock Lesnar

Josh Lawless

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Chris Jericho Details Backstage Scuffle With Brock Lesnar

It takes a special kind of person to square up to Brock Lesnar. The guy is a physical specimen who has conquered the world of NCAA, UFC and WWE.

But WWE superstar Chris Jericho chose to ignore all that backstage at Summerslam, with speculation that there was an altercation between the two that had to be broke up by Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Lesnar had just returned from a brutal main event match with Randy Orton in which he repeatedly hit the Viper with a series of vicious elbow strikes that caused blood to poor from Orton's head - resulting in him suffering a concussion and having 10 staples into his wound.

Rumours surfaced online that Jericho, like many WWE fans watching, was unsure whether the attack Lesnar unleashed on Orton was planned and ended up getting in a bit of a scuffle with the Beast Incarnate.

Speaking on the You're Welcome! with Chael Sonnen podcast, Jericho gave his account of what happened once Lesnar walked back through the curtain.

"Any time something like that happens there's always a lot of rumors and a lot of stories being told and that sort of thing but, I mean, not to get into specifics cause it's basically between me and Brock, but, you know, we did have a little bit of a brouhaha, shall we say."

Y2J says that he was concerned about the condition of 12-time World Champion Randy Orton, who had just been completely and utterly destroyed by Lesnar - with the finish of the match blurring the lines between what is real and what is not.

"I think that happens when you get guys that are in a sport such as ours, half-entertainment, half-real, half-not, he had just come out of the ring, I had just come out of the ring an hour before or so, whatever, and I just thought the finish of that match was very brutal and very violent and I just didn't know if Randy was okay, and I was checking on Randy, my friend - we've always been pretty close.

"And I said something and he said something, next thing you know we're nose-to-nose kind of yelling at each other and it defused fairly quickly.

"But I mean, listen, let's make no bones about this - Brock is a trained fighter, and he's a beast - but, you know, I'm not the type of person to back down from anybody... to my detriment or harmful to my existence even.

"I've never backed down and I think sometimes in the case of guys his size, they think most people are just gonna wilt and most people do but that's not me, that's not my background, that's not what I came up from growing up where I grew up in Winnipeg and my dad's lineage of being in the NHL... it's just not what I do, so, like I said.'I'm glad he didn't eat me, but basically there was a face-to-face confrontation, and I'll leave the rest between the two of us.

"But hotheads fire off and we're in each other's face and that happens sometimes. I guess I kind of have a reputation for it, too."

It must take some balls for someone to get in the face of Brock Lesnar and Jericho certainly has that; he once took on Goldberg, another absolute unit, in a backstage fight back in the day.

(h/t the Metro)

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Josh Lawless
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