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Tiemoue Bakayoko 'Refuses To Come On' For AC Milan, Tells Gennaro Gattuso To 'F**k Off'

Tiemoue Bakayoko 'Refuses To Come On' For AC Milan, Tells Gennaro Gattuso To 'F**k Off'

Anyone with a bit of sense about them would not even dare to sneeze or fart around Gennaro Gattuso but Tiemoue Bakayoko had the nerve to tell his manager to "Fuck off" on the AC Milan bench last night.

Having arrived one hour to training last week, the French midfielder was benched for the 2-1 win over Bologna but looked set to be introduced early on when Lucas Biglia suffered an injury in the 25th minute.


After a shoddy warm-up from Bakayoko, however, Gattuso was furious and the two exchanged words - with Italian TV cameras capturing the expletive the on-loan Chelsea man hurled at his gaffer in an angry spat on the bench.

Patrick Cutrone's reaction on the bench said absolutely everything about the whole incident - and Bakoyoko having nerves of steel.

Gattuso would decide against bringing Bakayoko on all together, instead subbing in Jose Mauri.


Gattuso, who went in on Bakayoko when he endured the worst possible debut back in September, stressed that the situation will be ironed out in private and basically compared his players to school pupils.

"I told Bakayoko to warm up, but it took him eight minutes to get ready," Gattuso told Sky Sport Italia post-match.

"Anybody can insult me, but we'll meet afterwards and look eye to eye. I want to speak to him in the changing room and in my language, which I can't do on TV.

"The priority right now isn't my ego nor the players'. We wear a glorious shirt and have to do the right things.

"At the end of the year we will give report cards, like in school, and we will see who has behaved well and who has behaved badly."

You've just got to pray for Bakayoko, who might just have played his last game for the Rossoneri.

However, the former Monaco player has put out his version of events of how the bust-up played out, denying that he refused to play.

"I was ready to give 200 per cent even if I had to play only five minutes tonight," he wrote on Twitter.

"When Lucas started to suffer on the ground, I was asked to prepare myself in case there was a change. So I prepared myself immediately and went to warm up for 2/3 minutes maximum.

"Then I was asked to return to the bench. That all happened I think between the 23rd minute and the 26th.

"It's when I sit on the bench that the coach speaks to me in unexpected terms and I only repeat his words. Nothing more.

"Let it be clear: I have never refused to come on to play and I do not get overheated. It seems to me that the images speak for themselves.

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