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Alisson Gives Emotional Surprise To Lifelong Liverpool Fan In Heart-Warming Story

Alisson Gives Emotional Surprise To Lifelong Liverpool Fan In Heart-Warming Story

The Liverpool goalkeeper shared a lovely moment with a Reds' supporter.

James Hilsum

James Hilsum

With all the madness going on in the world right now, it's nice to hear about a feel-good story to lift your spirits, and Liverpool have delivered on that front with a surprise for one of their lifelong fans.

The club partnered with Nivea Men UK for their 'Dear Liverpool FC' series, and the latest instalment sees the club facilitate a wonderful moment between Libbie Booker and Ethan Beckley.

Libbie's family wrote to the club asking them to 'do something amazing' for Ethan, who answered her call for a life-saving bone marrow transplant to cure her leukaemia.

She was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 13, and relapsed again after two years of chemotherapy treatment.

The pair had previously exchanged messages where Ethan's love of Liverpool came to light. He thought that he was just meeting Libby at Anfield, before casually crossing paths with the Reds' shot-stopper, Alisson.

Alisson was then present when Libbie and Ethan embraced on the pitch, and the latter was reduced to tears after it was revealed that he would be returning to Anfield for an all-expenses-paid VIP experience at the stadium for an upcoming match.

Meanwhile, Nivea agreed to pay for Libbie's student accommodation for the year, as she trains to become a nurse.

They also agreed to promote awareness of the Anthony Nolan charity on their channels, which helps to save the lives of those living with blood cancer.

It's wonderful to see just how football can be used as a power for good and bring people together.

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