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73 Per Cent Of Gamers Think FIFA 19 Is Scripted

73 Per Cent Of Gamers Think FIFA 19 Is Scripted

When you concede a goal on FIFA, it's never, ever just accepted is it? You immediately throw your controller in range as you yell, "Scripted FIFA bullshit!".


As soon as FIFA 19 came out,players were immediately doing as above and now, as we edge ever closer to FIFA 20's release, a fresh poll has revealed that a staggering per cent of gamers genuinely think the game is scripted.

'@FUT_economist' has posed the question to his 94,000 followers on Twitter and garnered over 20,000 votes - with 73 per cent believing that EA Sports' franchise game is actually fixed. At the time of writing 16 per cent have said 'No', with 11 per cent going for 'Not sure'.

How could a video game possibly be scripted we hear you ask? Well a lot of people genuinely think that the game unfairly manipulates a match by tweaking certain areas, such as improving the AI, changing difficulties.

For instance, one chap took to the FIFA subreddit back in September to share a clip of one of his games on Ultimate Team and it promptly went viral as a result.


With the score at 1-1, he attacks down the left and whips a brilliant ball in for James Maddison to get on the end of.

The Leicester City No.10 does just that but sees his left-footed effort crash against the post but then both Marcus Rashford and Lucas Moura hit the woodwork when following up.

The opposition goalkeeper than collects the ball in his grasp after the third strike hits the post and that's the end of the move. To make matters worse, he went on to lose the game 2-1.

But when EA producer Sam Rivera was asked about the theory of scripting ahead of the FIFA 18 launch, he completely shut it down as expected.

"No. We don't really have a reason to out that in the game," he told Dream Team.

"Our job is to is to understand the football concepts and put them in the game one by one and in detail. Let me give you an example.

"You ask Ronaldo to take a shot and hit the left corner of the goal every time - he won't be able to. There are many reasons that are going to prevent him from doing that.

"There could be pressure, the ball could be too close to you, it could be on your weak foot... there are many, many reasons so we try to understand those in detail and put them in the game."

Is FIFA scripted or are some people just really bad at the game?

Sound off in the comments.

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