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New Football Championship 2042 To Hire Robotic Officials

New Football Championship 2042 To Hire Robotic Officials

The Qatar Football Championship 2042 will feature robotic officials in a bid to end the debate over offside decisions

The Qatar Football Championship 2042 will feature robotic officials in a bid to end the debate over offside decisions, which a recent global conference admitted was “a greater threat to worldwide peace than the ongoing war which engulfs our planet”.

The robo-officials utilise the same advanced AI seen in the robot dogs which have changed the face of modern warfare. The mechanical assistants can register an offside with 100% accuracy, within 0.001 seconds of a pass being played.

Naturally, football fans are already bemoaning how biased this is against their own club. A campaign for the return of the much-beloved VAR system has registered over 10 million signatures overnight.

Robot Official
Robot Official

Ahead of this winter’s annual international tournament, the robotic assistant referees were tested in a one-off friendly game which pitted England’s dominant league champions, the North-West Magpies, against a veteran team of social media influencers in London.

The debut of the mechanised officials was not without controversy however. During the first 30-minute half, the game was interrupted when the robotic assistants continually flagged the referee as offside, denying the home side three clear goalscoring chances.

“You have to ask the [canine-based AI prototype] officials about that,” said a restrained Magpies’ manager Pez Gonzales post-match.

Clearly reprogramming will be needed ahead of an upcoming tournament, scheduled to be held in Antarctica. A first spec model – based on a 2021 era top-flight football official – was rejected as not having sufficient intelligence to carry out the menial, binary task.

Officiating Panel
Officiating Panel

There has been a backlash from human officials, including global head of referees Mikel Deen, who poignantly said in a statement: “What about me?”

However something needs to change after the offside controversy at the last Football Championship, held in the Egyptian desert. England striker Kai Caine scored what he thought was a winning semi-final, second-leg goal – only to find that it had been ruled offside after he had already celebrated it, performed his trademark dance on social media and completed his post-goal mid-match interview on the centre circle.

Are robot officials the answer or will they instead be sent into battle after another failed attempt to implement football’s laws? In the future, anything could happen.

Battlefield 2042 is available to buy now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: EA