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Nemanja Vidic Reveals Surprise Name As Dirtiest Player He Played Against

Nemanja Vidic Reveals Surprise Name As Dirtiest Player He Played Against

The former Manchester United defender had a reputation for being the toughest centre back going but one player clearly got to him.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Nemanja came from Serbia and he was ready to do something rather nasty to 'ya.' Surely no one could be 'dirty' in the eyes of a player who was ready to kill his opponents but apparently that's not the case.

What Manchester United fans would do for Nemanja Vidic right now. Sure their defence isn't bad but do you think Jose Mourinho's side would have conceded two goals with peak Vidic at the back?

The big Serb was famous for his legendary partnership with Rio Ferdinand, as well as his frequent sendings off against Fernando Torres, and won five Premier League titles and a Champions League whilst at Old Trafford.

No other striker came close to causing Vidic as much issue as Torres did, especially at Liverpool. Image: PA

The former Red Star Belgrade player had quite the reputation for being a tough and hard player who rarely went off injured. But revealed in an interview with the Times that a bloody nose helped him choose the dirtiest player he'd come up against.

It was a surprise to see Rickie Lambert named as the player:

"I didn't know many dirty players, maybe just this guy from Southampton, he also played for Liverpool."

"Rickie Lambert?"

"Yes, him. I get elbow from him. How did I handle it? You don't 'handle it'. He became very small for me then. I'm sad for him actually, in my career I can't think of any other player who wanted to hurt me."

It was Vidic' last game for United that saw him with a bloody nose after a clash with Lambert. Image: PA

Vidic faced Lambert and Southampton at St Mary's in his last game as a Manchester United player when the former Saints striker gave him a bloody nose as a send off before he joined Inter Milan.

The 36 year old also confirmed who the toughest players he came up against in the Premier League saying, "Aguero was good at stop-and-go, aggressive in the box. He's small but he can attack crosses, he can drop, he can go behind. Suarez can just go through you with the ball. And Drogba is tall, strong, won't ever let you relax."

Vidic lifts the Premier League title as United captain. Image: PA

It certainly sounds like given the chance it might be Rickie Lambert of all people on the end of the infamous song about the United legend!

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