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Ryan Mason Shares Story Of How Petr Cech Has Helped With His Recovery

Ryan Mason Shares Story Of How Petr Cech Has Helped With His Recovery

The former Hull City midfielder retired yesterday, 13 months after a collision with Gary Cahill left him with a fractured skull.

Joe Baiamonte

Joe Baiamonte

Ryan Mason yesterday retired from a fractured skull, an injury that happened 13 months ago. Back in May last year the former Spurs midfielder explained how Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech helped him, after the keeper's own experience with a head injury.

Cech infamously suffered a fractured skull himself during a Premier League game with Reading in 2006.

Ever since suffering his injury at the Madejski Stadium 11 years ago, Cech has worn protective headwear for every match he plays in and Mason has revealed, in an exclusive interview with Hull City's official Youtube channel, how the Arsenal stopper reached out to him and his family in the aftermath of the incident at Stamford Bridge.

Spurs Ryan Mason
Spurs Ryan Mason

Mason's former Spurs teammates paid their respects to him in the aftermath of his injury. Image: PA

"Once I was ready, I was fortunate to speak to people like Petr Cech, who has been through a similar situation to this and he has helped me massively.

"He has given me advice and told me what to expect, to not to worry about certain things mentally and psychologically, and that was great for me.

"You look at what he has come back to achieve in the game (and it) is remarkable. I am very fortunate because a lot of people study these kinds of things but you never really understand unless you're in the situation.

"I was very fortunate that he reached out to me and to my family and fiancee, and he took the time to come and see us and talk with us and help us through the situation."

Mason was treated at St. Mary's hospital in London after a clash of heads with Gary Cahill during the Tigers' 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in January.

Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason

Mason is attended to by his Hull teammates after the clash of heads with Gary Cahill that left him with a fractured skull. Image: PA

"It's a massive step in my recovery. There was a time when I couldn't be around loud noise and people talking would have been too much for me, but I'm ready now and it is the right time to kick on with the next stage of my recovery.

"There's no timescale on anything. I'm taking each day as it comes and I'm still dealing with a lot of fatigue."

Sadly 13 months after the injury Mason has been forced to retire from the game and Cech, ever the class act, tweeted his support for the 26 year-old:

A good guy all round.

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