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Fans Are Loving The Video Of 'Roy Keane' Dancing On FIFA 21

Fans Are Loving The Video Of 'Roy Keane' Dancing On FIFA 21

A video of the United legend in FIFA 21 dancing on the pitch like an excited Jesse Lingard has made lots of people laugh.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Football fans were really enjoying the image of Roy Keane dancing on a football pitch like Jesse Lingard, after one person made it a reality on FIFA 21.

Manchester United legend Keane is not exactly the kind of person who would enjoy someone dancing on the pitch, either during his career or during his time as a pundit.

He recently complained because United and Manchester City players hugged after the recent derby between the two sides, so dancing would definitely be a no!

However someone has imagined what Keane dancing around the Old Trafford pitch would look like on FIFA 21 and it's definitely worth a watch.

Keane is likely to be less fuming about the video, which he probably won't even understand, and more fuming with Ian Holloway.

The former Blackpool boss recently hit out at the Irishman, claiming he was too biased against Liverpool. "I thought Jurgen Klopp last night [Sunday's 0-0 draw between Liverpool and United on 17 January] was magnificent in dealing with what happened and the game and how proud he was of his team." Holloway said.

"Because he's lost some major, major players. And Man United haven't really lost any of them yet.

"I found it interesting because Roy Keane annoyed me a bit yesterday.

"He's all 'we're doing well again' and he couldn't wait to get a dig in at Liverpool."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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