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Diego Maradona's Son Talks About Comparing His Dad To Lionel Messi

Diego Maradona's Son Talks About Comparing His Dad To Lionel Messi

Maradona's son explained why Messi is the best human to have ever played football, but Cristiano Ronaldo isn't in the top three.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Lionel Messi is the best human at football, but he's not better than Diego Maradona was - at least that's according to the World Cup winner's son.

Lots of football fans believe that Lionel Messi is the 'greatest of all time,' but there's plenty of debate about whether that's the case and fellow Argentina legend Maradona is one of the other names in the mix.

Maradona's own son, Diego Jr, reckons that it's actually impossible to compare the two men though, because his dad is an 'alien.'

"Messi is a phenomenon," he told SPORT when asked if the Barca superstar is as good as his dad was, "But nobody is comparable with my father.

"You cannot compare humans to aliens. We can say that Maradona is the God of football and that Leo is the best of the humans.

"I'm sorry, but nobody will reach my old man's level. It's impossible."

Another player in the running to be considered the GOAT is Messi's long time rival Cristiano Ronaldo, with the pair sharing 11 Ballon d'Or between them.

They have been difficult to split with some believing Ronaldo's Euros win with Portugal in 2016 takes him above Barcelona's all time top scorer.

However Maradona Jr thinks his countryman is better, adding, "I adore Messi. He's the best around and Cristiano doesn't even come close to him.

"Whoever in Argentina criticises him doesn't know a thing about football. My father loves him and talks to me about him a lot."

Asked who does come behind his father and Messi, the younger Maradona said it was the Brazilian Ronaldo but also left praise for another football legend.

"Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo. After these three, then come the others.

"Although [Johan] Cruyff deserves a separate mention for the mark he left on football. He changed the sport by himself."

Maradona managed Messi at the 2010 World Cup. Image: PA Images
Maradona managed Messi at the 2010 World Cup. Image: PA Images

The idea of someone being on 'another planet,' being an alien or just being incomparable to everyone else is something that's been said about Messi in the past.

Angel di Maria claimed that the six time Ballon d'Or winner was on another planet whilst Carlos Tevez claimed he was playing 'another sport' to everyone else.

The discussion is likely to continue until after Messi is retired, but winning a World Cup, as Mardano did, would certainly help.

Who do you think is the GOAT? Let us know in the comments.

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