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Italian Journalist Groped Live On Television Outside Serie A Game

Italian Journalist Groped Live On Television Outside Serie A Game

The players were adorned with red dots to raise awareness for domestic abuse whilst a fan groped journalist Greta Beccaglia.

A female journalist was groped outside of Empoli vs Fiorentina on Saturday night, live on television, during a game in which players were raising awareness of domestic abuse.

This weekend, Serie A sides have been raising awareness of domestic abuse, as they do every year around the same time, with players sporting red paint on their faces to put the spotlight on the problem.

Clearly one fan didn't take the message to heart at all as he groped journalist Greta Beccaglia outside Empoli's Carlo Castellani Stadium on Saturday.

Beccaglia was giving a report after Empoli had won 2-1, as the crowd poured out of the ground, when one fan groped the reporter live on tv.

As well as being groped live on tv, Beccaglia was also told not to react by her co-worker, who told her to react once she was off air.

The reporter calmly said to the man, "Sorry, you can’t do this, I’m sorry," which she definitely didn't need to apologise for, before continuing her job.

After the incident she took to social media and posted about what had happened to her.

Speaking on her Instagram story, Beccaglia said, "What happened to me is something that is not acceptable and should not be repeated.

"My harassment was recorded live on TV because I was at work, but unfortunately, as we know, these things happen to other women with the cameras off, without anyone knowing about it."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Instagram

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