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Usain Bolt's FIFA 19 Card Has Been Leaked

Usain Bolt's FIFA 19 Card Has Been Leaked

Usain Bolt may never actually make it as a professional footballer but the man who dominated sprint running for eight years has got further than most of us and it seems he's earned himself a place in FIFA 19.

No matter how good you are at your job there aren't many of us who haven't looked at another profession and wanted to give it a go, if only we had the base skill and opportunity to do so.


For Usain Bolt none of that was an issue. He'd spent eight years being the best sprinter in the history of running, which considering most of us run at some point is pretty impressive, and then decided to move to a career of football.

When you've got his pace and his athleticism and fitness then you've at least got a chance. The Jamaican has been touring the world having trials for teams with his latest coming in Australia for Central Coast Mariners.

Bolt has played in a friendly for the Mariners and the club are willing to give him time to earn a position in their squad and earn a contract. Whether he does or not it looks like he's going to be on FIFA with some reporting a leaked card:


It looks like his overall rating is pretty poor at 49 but he'll still strike fear into defences with his 99 pace, so be careful of those through balls.

Before now it was thought that this lot were the fastest players on FIFA 19.

Ronaldo Nazario's 96-rated Icon card is the fastest player on Ultimate Team, with 'O Fenomeno' given 97 in his second year back in the FIFA franchise.

Pele, Eusebio and Marc Overmars are also legends with pace to burn on FIFA 19, but excluding them, it's PSG and France hot-shot Kylian Mbappe and Wolves' Adama Traore who share the 'joint-fastest player' moniker - with both darting past full-backs courtesy of their 96 pace.

Then there's renowned speedsters Leroy Sane, Gareth Bale and Douglas Costa on 95 pace - along with unknown quantity Jurgen Damm, a 75-rated right-midfielder for Tigres U.A.N.L in Mexico.

He could well be one of the gems on this year's game, along with 69-rated Kekuta Manneh on 94 pace, 61-rated Rashad Muhammad and 62-rated Doncaster Rovers winger Alex Kiwomya who all fall in the same category.

You can find the full list of the speed merchants over at Fut Head, while YouTuber MattHDGamer put together an XI from the fastest player in each position in the following video:

Matt had some hands on time with the beta version of the game a few weeks back and picked up on an a nifty speed boost that looks to be deadly if you pull it off, but will send you completely raging mad if you're defending against it.

It's a fake shot combination, with Matt saying it's as simple as holding LB, pressing B then A in quick succession before moving the left stick in whichever direction you wish to go in.

If PlayStation 4 is your console of choice, hold L1, press circle and square and finish off with the movement of the left analog stick.

It seems to work with any fast player on FIFA, as you bypass defenders with ease - but the key is making sure there's enough space between the opposition player for it to work effectively.

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