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We Are Currently Living In A Real Life Football Manager Save

We Are Currently Living In A Real Life Football Manager Save

The year is 2019. Robbie Keane has been hired as a coach by Jonathan Woodgate at Middlesbrough, Craig Bellamy is set to join Vincent Kompany's backroom staff at Anderlecht and Steven Gerrard's Rangers side will play against Frank Lampard's Derby in a friendly match.

No, you're not playing Football Manager 2007 because this is actually happening.


The realisation that we are all living in a FM save is hitting us harder than ever before.

I mean, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now the manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, John Terry is ready to hit the Premier League as a coach for Aston Villa and Joey Barton is in charge of League One side Fleetwood Town.

Oh, and Ryan Giggs is the manager of Wales and Michael Carrick is learning his trade at Old Trafford.


This is all happening while Thierry Henry is being linked with a million jobs after being sacked by Ligue 1 giants AS Monaco.

There are so many examples of once-upon-a-time players taking their coaching badges and leading the touchline and to be quite honest, it's making us feel really, really old.

So, what is going to happen in the year 3035? Reddit user Lorf_Yimzo decided to play 1000 years on Football Manager because people need to know that in the late 2600's, Crystal Palace won 15 titles in 26 years to become one of the greatest teams ever.

It may have took the great Lorf_Yimzo 58 days to get to the year 3015, but those valuable hours of blood, sweat and tears have given thousands of internet users the satisfaction of insane stats and records that will go down in Football Manager folklore.

In his own words, Lorf_Yimz then described what happened in later centuries:

'2100s: Stoke dominated again, as they won 7 titles in a row as well as 14 titles in 17 years. Later, Burnley became dominant as the PL turned into a power struggle between the 2 teams. Newcomers West Brom and Barnsley also stole some titles, especially Barnsley, who won quite a few in the last couple decades.

2200s: With Stoke on the decline, a newcomer fills their spot: Sheffield United. They traded titles mostly with Man U, though later with Barnsley and Southend United. This century had no real dominance, as teams struggled to string titles together. Though teams such as MK Dons, Hull, and Plymouth came and went, the five big players were Sheffield, Arsenal, Barnsley, Southend, and Burnley.

2300s: Southend replaced Sheffield's position of dominance, winning many titles early on. Cambridge, Chesterfield, and Hull were also contenders. 7 titles in a row marked an all-time high for Southend, as they hammered their opposition for the rest of the century, with occasional wins from Brighton, Barnsley, and Man City.

Image: RedditImage: Reddit

If you've never taken a look at this wonderful Reddit post, then check out the following link HERE for more records and stats.

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